Do ugg crochet/cardy boots stretch like the originals?

  1. I just got my crochet uggs (which actually fit about 1-2 sizes more snug than the cardy uggs with the bottons. They fit perfectly in length and width, but I heard they stretch a full size. Is this also true with the crochet uggs? I'm worried they will be too lose in a few weeks, so I am debating an exchange:confused1: Has anyone had their crochet uggs stretch yet?
  2. I've had my crochet uggs for awhile and they have stretched a tiny bit but I am not using them everyday.
  3. i have the livs crochet boots and they do stretch out but you can throw them in the wash and dryer..=)
  4. Thanks! Its good to know I can dry them.
  5. I love the crochet uggs... still really want a pair, but I have 4 pairs of normal uggs and won't let myself get a pair untill an old pairs breaks...