Do U work in Admissions/Program Mgmt role in big US University-need urgent advice!

  1. Are there any TPFers who work in the admissions office, deal with admissions or oversee/develop a graduate or undergraduate program or have some "management" responsibilities in a big university?

    I'm having a major issue and i need help urgently.

    I wanted to get insights and advice.

    I'm pretty much a total wreck over something that just happened and very upset about it.

    a little too raw for me to post details but please respond to this post or PM me if you work in this area and willing to hear my situation out and give me your thoughts. or if you are willing to put me in touch with someone you know in this position.

    I'll make it clear that this is NOT about admissions. IE i won't bug you with questions like "how do i get into XYZ program? Can you help me get into ABC School."

    thanks in advance. Bubbles
  2. I don't sorry....but I go to a large maybe could help?? Maybe an issue I've run into before?