do u wish tt u r never born?


do u ever wish tt u are not born to this world?

  1. Nope, never.

  2. Yes

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  1. was chatting on this topic recently -- babies r not given the choice on whether they wish to be born to this world. I am pretty curious... do we wish tt we are not born at all?

    for me, i think i wd still wan to be born to this world. wat abt u?
  2. What is tt?

    Does that mean "that"??

    No, I love my life and I am glad and blessed that I am here.

  3. I think I know what you mean, as in the whole world seems to be going to crap but like Lamiastella said I feel blessed that I am here and I can only make the best of it for me and my family.
  4. yep, tt = that
    sorry about the short form.
  5. I would never think that - it goes against my belief.

    regardless, I am 100% that you could have asked anyone hundreds of years ago and they would have also told you that the whole world seems to go or be crap. I never understand the statement that we shouldn't have children in this world bec of all the problems.

    everyone always had problems: - the middle ages were havoc in Europe, and until the early 20 century a war with neighbouring countries was totally common. people were like pawns in a big game of chess - and violence was daily order, the plague - ah yeah those were the good days...*sarcasm*. the point is: you should never have children bec problems were always around - we have different issues now but all the same there were and are and will be problems. there was never a time where it was good or bad to live - it just is a time. given the choice: 21st century suits me just fine!
  6. No way. I thank every day that I can wake up and see my world and breathe it in. I thank that I have freedom of speech and the right to drive a car, have a job and a voice. I thank that I have control over my limbs and bodily functions and that I can live independantly, and that I'm not restricted to a hospital bed waiting for chemicals to heal me or someone else to die for their organs to save my life. We all have bad days/weeks/years but if you can work through it and get over it, you will always come out stronger than before:yes:
  7. My mum wishes i was never born, she's told me countless of times. I wish i could dissapear on a daily basis.
  8. No, Y nt?
  9. belini,
    I feel really sorry for what you are going through, but you really need to talk to someone about the way you are feeling.x
  10. My heart goes out to you Belini:crybaby:.God put you here for a reason,that in itself makes you special.Don't let your moms cruel words keep you from enjoying the gift God has bestowed upon you,he knew what he was doing.

    My life hasn't always been easy but had I not been born,I would have missed out on an incredible journey.
  11. Excellent post. You are right on.
  12. Oh em gee! No wai! I toetalee wld h8 my prents if thay uhborted me!!

    Why do U h8??

  13. Why does this thread bring this phrase to mind:

    English, mf! Do you speak it?
  14. I think those kinds of wishes/thoughts are cowardly.
  15. Well, sometimes I do... I mean, I never asked to be born. I don't see why people think others need help or need to talk to someone if they wished they never been born, because that is implying that "being happy" about being born is a normal state, and that for some reason wishing you never were born is somehow unhealthy. I don't find it's unhealthy, just a different train of thought. How is one supposed to be so ecstatic about having been born when it's something in which you had no choice to begin with?

    The truth is that I never ASKED to be born, it is just something that happened randomly. It's not something I had a choice in. I don't particularly feel "blessed" or feel like I owe anyone anything, including my parents for being here, because it is not something I asked for.

    Also, I'm not religious and I don't have any spiritual beliefs. I think I'm probably on this planet at random by accident or coincidence.

    Sure there are nice things in life which keep me happy; purses, celeb gossip, going to the beach, listening to music... And no, not "family" for me, because I'm not close to my family.

    There are some good things in life, it's not a complete drag for me. Although I don't see what wrong about questioning why we were born or wishing we were never born. I feel like life is just an accident and something that just happened at random, something I have no choice over and I'm just gonna have to live with it. That doesn't mean I am thrilled with it.