Do U wear moisturizer at home?

  1. Do U guys wear moisturizer or serum when staying at home ???

    I have oily/acne skin. When I'm home, I don't put anything on my face, but then it tends to get oily fast. At the same time, they said let your pores breath, don't put anything. I'm confused.
  2. i think it all depends on your skin has a tendency to get dry....i dont wear any make up, the only thing i put on in the morning is a light moisturizer.

    maybe go see a derm. and see what they say. thats what i did because my skin gets sooo dry and then would break out. so i went and now i just moisturize every morning and my skin seems to be way better.

    what kind of moisturizer do you wear??
  3. I'm using DHC Acerola serum and all in one w toner for Oily skin (forgot the name). I also have copper serum.
  4. yea sometimes if the skin gets dry it will actually becomes more if you're really oily type, you still should put moisturiser but a NON-oil based one....perhaps you realli should check out your real skin type ann product to use! i do apply both day and nite i gto combo skin...and here in london is absolutely dry!!!
  5. the toner in the moisturizer might be making your skin dry which like k29 said will actually make it more oily.

    you an oil free moisturizer...neutrogena makes really nice oil free moisturizers...they have one for combination skin and one for sensitive skin....they are both light weight moisturizers that are oil free...just they give your skin just the right amount of hydration. and they make one with a SPF of 15

    i would try neutrogena...i think they make some great products.
  6. I wear moisturizer every single day regardless if I am just staying home.
  7. I have dry skin, so I wear moisturizer all the time. During the day I combine a Olay or Clarins facial moisturizer with Clarins UV Plus SPF 40 sunscreen even when I'm at home, and at night I use a Clarins or Kiehl's night moisturizer for the extra hydration these formulations provide.
  8. i have oily skin too. at home i don't use moisturizer unless i'm going out since i use it with SPF. derms say moisturizer really isn't necessary if you have oily skin. i really don't like moisturizer since i feel like it clogs pores
  9. I put moisturizer on every morning, even if I am not going out.
  10. Yes every day.
  11. Religiously after washing my face.
  12. I don't, but I wear sunscreen even at home during the day.
  13. every day
  14. I dont not unless my skin feels dry or is having some other issue, otherwise I just wear moisturizer when I go out.