Do u think this is dumb?

  1. I really really like Coach's new patent tote, but there is no zipper closure!! I am worry that my stuff will fall out & I hate it when ppl can see what I have inside. Do you think it's dumb if I buy the tote...then, buy 2 pieces of fabric & a zipper & sew them on by hand myself??
  2. well then, obviously, this isn't the bag for you. don't waste so much money on a bag you just want to change. wait to find something that fits what you like. there are plenty of other bags with zipper closures.
    the other option is to buy, like, a cosmetic case or something to put some of your things in. that way, no one can see what you have.
  3. I are right...but I love love love the Mahogany patent tote.. The color is just too nice. :graucho:
  4. hehe. i know. :yes:
    maybe try the beauty case thing? i would NOT sew anything in. because if something happens, god forbid, you've voided your warranty on that bag.
  5. no, PLEASE don't try to sew something onto your bag! just thinking about it makes me cringe! patent's so hot these days, i'm sure you'll be able to find another patent bag in the right color and right functionality.
  6. I agree-please don't try to sew a zipper on the bag! it is a gorgeous bag for sure
  7. yes i agree. Sometime you will find a bag that is right for you, maybe this is not the one.
  8. My Mom went through this same thing when she was picking out her first Coach (a Hamptons Carry-all which does have a zipper) and she was adament that it have a zipper. Well you know what? She NEVER zips it. EVER. LOL.

    And yes, I think it's tacky to sew something on a bag like that. Your perfect bag will come I promise.
  9. Put down the sewing needle and step away from the bag!
    Even I thought I wanted a zipper, but I never use it on my longchamp. I would also get the cosmetic case if you wanted privacy and organization.
  10. Or keep some other type of storage bag with a zip inside and then keep your stuff in there? Check out stuff from like The Container Store or something.
  11. If you live by an outlet they have a new line just for's really cute I wanted the demi w/ the chain strap but couldn't justify it b/c it was too small for me. But anyways they have a tote w/ a zip top (patchwork) it's signature, mahogany patent leather, metallic leather, & brown's truely gorgeous.
  12. Thanks ladies! I guess I won't sew the zipper on. Lol But will definitely get some kinda of bags to put my stuff in. ;)
  13. I can sooo relate to you, i have a patent fetish but cannot find a bag this season at coach other than that tote. I have some pachworks that have patent, but I wall the full patant shiny bag. I had to satify my craving with a patent mini skini.
  14. I have 2 of the shoulder totes and I have matching "organizers" as follows -
    In my khaki signature I have the matching cosmetic case, wallet, wristlet and mini skinny. In my denim tote I use the same as above but in black. It keeps everything organized and well hidden!

    Another idea - Get some fabric and make a drawstring type of insert. Oh, I just had another idea......maybe you could use the dustbag as a drawstring liner? Either way, the patent tote is beautiful! Good luck deciding!
  15. I agreed with what everyone else said, your perfect bag will come soon, why bother going through all that work? =]