Do u think most people who have never seen EPI before...

  1. or know what it is can tell that its leather?

    I had my Hermes Evelyne on top of the staircase when my mom picked it up to see if it was lightweight!

    And then my mom said, "Why is this so heavy?!" And then she looked inside, and said, "Oh its leather!" And then she picked up my red epi pochette which was inside and said "No wonder its heavy! This is leather too!"

    I asked how she knew the epi was leather and she said something like, "Ofcouse its leather if you bought it...because you like expensive stuff!" :wtf: :busted

    Anyways, I'm surprised she knew it was leather because some people say that epi looks like plastic / vinyl.

    What are everyone elses experiences with people who don't know what epi is?
  2. i have a epi petite noe and it STILL doens't look leather to me LOL
  3. I think that the only people who recognize the epi collection as LV are LV lovers!

    It is hard to tell that it is leather because of its texture, but if you get close enough to sniff it, you know :yes: Love that LV leather smell!!
  4. I just got my first epi piece and I will admit that I didn't realize it was leather at first either! But since I know that now, it makes me very happy! :tender:
  5. I love epi, I think it's so beautiful!
  6. I don't know.... my mom realized it was leather right away when I got my Epi Speedy.... she picked it up and petted it and said "i love this leather". LOL. And she's probably the only one who has ever commented about it.
  7. Well, when I had a red speedy it didn't look like leather to me. But now I have the black montainge and that color looks more like leather. But maybe that's just because it's black. No one has ever asked me though.
  8. Honestly, its true that at first, it didnt look like leather to me as well....

    After some education still very surprising and unique that it is and the design is like no other.....

    Its so stylish.....
  9. I agree :p
  10. I love the EPI leather.
  11. ITA. I noticed that the leather smell on Epi is much stronger and lasts longer :yes:. Because the canvas bags aren't entirely made of leather, the smell is not as strong and loses that leather smell quickly.
  12. I love Epi - its beautiful and so unique!
  13. i don't care how it looks to others. All i know is that it looks good to me :smile: enjoy your bag :smile:
  14. I thought that Epi looked like it's plastic, until I asked.

  15. ITA - I just read your post Miss L and took outmy 4yr old Epi wallet and had a little sniff - still smells great.

    EPI is the best smelling of all LV materials