do u think it's too big for everyday or should i "modify" it?

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what should i do with this bag?

  1. leave it like it is

  2. modify it! please let me know what u think how to modify it

  3. sell that bag and get another bag!

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  1. i am loving this bag so much, i like the color, i like the hobo style because i don't have a hobo bag and i have too many tote bags already...

    but do u think it'll look too big for me to use everyday?
    or maybe i should modify it by shorten the depth? or open the stitches and loose whatever makes this bag boxy inside the bottom parts?
    i feel the width and length is still ok for me, but the depth that makes this bag looks so much bigger than it already is (as seen on the frontal pic), and the base is kinda sturdy, i'm thinking about making it less deep so it's more "appropriate" to use everyday?

    i'm used to big bags and when i compare both, actually the size is almost similar, only the depth that makes the difference...

    this is how the cabas looks on me :

    this is how the biarritz hobo looks on me :

    this is the comparison of both bags :



  2. The cabas is alright, but the biarritz is a bit too big for you IMO...
  3. Agreed- the biarritz is too large, it looks more like a luggage than a handbag.
  4. Hey sea... I'm sad to say I have to agree that the cabas looks awesome on your, but the biarritz looks bulky. I don't think loosening the stitching will help the depth? It looks like the bottom part is a totally separate piece of leather which is meant to be sturdy and keep it's shape and not sag at the bottom which would allow it to not look as wide depth-wise...

  5. agreed.


    but the biarritz does not look good. sry. :push:

    and if you take the HUGE risk to modify it, you might end up destroying it.
  7. are we talking about the PB?
    I think it looks more like a weekender personally. . .
  8. ITA. i was quite taken aback when i saw the size of the biarittz on you. i didn't expect it to be so huge! holy cow, i'm afraid i'm going with the cabas :push:
  9. The Biarritz tote does like more like a travel carry-on type of bag than more of an everyday bag.

    Don't alter the bag... because it may effect the resale value of it later.. Good luck!
  10. Seahorseinstripes the cabas looks amazing on you and I wouldn't touch it in case you decide to sell it later. The PB defiantely looks too big for everyday and I would sell it and go for the medium hobo (like I posted below) or the tote if you still want a PB.
    chanel 001.jpg
  11. I agree w/ everyone above - the cabas is perfect for you, but the biarritz seems too much (except for an overnight bag), especially given its standout color.
  12. thanks for the opinion girls :smile:
    i really appreciated it.

    i'm giving it a thought for now, maybe i resell it and get the tote one or maybe keeping this large hobo.

    i know that i won't be able to sell it once i modify it.

    what's in my mind right now is, my line of work needs me to carry a bigger bag most of times beside my handbag. i need a bigger bag to put some stuffs i bought or rent as i'm working as a stylist. and maybe i think i can still use this large hobo for that purpose.

    syma, thanks for the medium hobo pic :smile: it looks great on u btw, but i'm not really into the proportion :sad:
  13. My thoughts exactly. It looks like a nice bag to travel with, but not carry as a purse.
  14. sea it is big but if it's of convenience to you for your work or travelling why not keep then.I've seen the large tote I told about in your other thread it's about 1000 Euros but it is very big too and maybe not so convenient since it's only hand not shoulder carried!
  15. thanks chanelspell, yes that large tote might be too big too as a tote, at least this one is a hobo and more convenient to carry.