do u think it will hit the outlets anytime soon????

  1. the holiday patchwork tote. i want to get it but what happens with me is that i pay the full price and after sometime i see that bag at the outlet. really breaks my heart. this time i am going to wait if someone has some info when it might be available at the outlets. i do have seen other bleecker bags at the outlets but not this one.
  2. The outlet nearby me had quite a few of these not too long ago.
  3. I was wondering about that as well!!!
  4. I saw some at my local outlet in early December.
  5. What about the fall patchwork that was just out but no longer on line...anyone know about that line? I know it's still in Macy's, but I was wondering if it will be hitting the outlets soon!!!!
  6. Jeffersonville, OH outlet had the holiday patchwork in early Dec.
  7. last time I went the the outlet there was a table full of this stuff! It went fast!
  8. Just at a Michigan Outlet and they had tons
  9. I saw the holiday patchwork from this year at the outlets in early December. They had the tote and the duffle.
  10. The Vegas Outlets had lots of it too! :tup:
  11. I was at the MD outlets a few days ago and they had a whole table of the patchwork totes and carly! I think they were $279-$299 with an additional 20% off. :tup:
  12. last year I went around this time and they had a table of the stuff and it sold out very quickly as another poster mentioned. I would call the outlet with the style number and see if they will call you when one comes in
  13. The outlet nearest my house had all the fall patchwork stuff when I was there this past weekend. I've been waiting for the holiday patchwork, but haven't seen it yet.
  14. I would love to know when the holiday patchwork hits the outlets!
  15. I've seen them too up here NC.