Do u think i still can find the Chanel Red Med Flap Bag in silver classic hardware?

  1. Hi, i've been searching :search:for the chanel red medium flap bag in silver classic hardware whether in caviar or lambskin, are they still available in any of the stores? Btw, i'm located in asia.:push:
  2. I think they are sold out. I had a hard time getting mine back in April of this year.
  3. I hope so, but I don't think so :sad:
  4. THanks for the above....which means even for a gold HW is hard for me to find, i assume right?

  5. I will kill to get this color in this size~~~sigh....
    Hopefully the s/s 2008 will have it again, but not the same price..
  6. I hope so that they can repeat this color in fact, i have placed my name for the cruise collection shld they have anything similar...cross my fingers. But i doubt the price will be the same as before since they have recently adjusted the pricing. Even for a classic lambskin med flap bag, can cost about USD2600+