do u stick to high end

  1. do u only by high end bags now? i used to buy a ton of guess, 9west, gap, etc. now i m just not as interested. i saw a cute bag at cléo here. it isnt even leather but a really cute shape and ncie shade of cranberry. thinking it might b a waste of $50 though
  2. honestly i tend to like ghetto brands like babyphat, rocawear, as well as guess and other stuff along with the more pricey goods. i'm selective though with everything and theres tons of exclusive items that i think are hideous. i don't care how "smooth" or "creamy" the leather is. If the bag is ugly, its ugly. I do stay away from gap, 9 west and others though. I've never liked any of that stuff. I guess I like the bling mostly. But if a bag doesn't sit right on my shoulder after I've put all my stuff in it, I'll return it without a doubt. I have one bag sitting in my room right now that needs to go back. Not well made at all. ugh
  3. I'd rather save my money now for a higher quality bag that i love rather than picking up cheaper bags that i love for a fortnight then get bored of. If I'm spending the extra £££ i consider my purchase more carefully and am less likely to waste my money.
  4. Quality means more to me than whether the bag is high end or not. I use to buy whatever caught my eye (still do but the quality has to be there too). That doesn't necessarily mean a name everyone knows, just high quality.
  5. In my own way, I do. If I buy it, it's high end. :biggrin:
  6. Love you!:heart:
  7. Louis Vuitton! That is my brand of choice!
  8. I buy whatever I like at the moment. I have been really into Hype bags lately, they range from $100-$300. I have to take a break from the more expensive bags, so this is an awesome alternative!
  9. I buy what I like, so my bags differ in price. Of course, I don't expect a $70 bag to last me as long as a $500 bag, but I do expect to get my money's worth out of it regardless. I hope that makes sense.
  10. I buy what I like, too. My problem is that only high end bags catch my eye! I would buy a bag at any price (well, within reason:smile:) if I liked it and the quality was right for the price.
  11. Yep,
    i'm pretty much addicted to my brand, and have been so for the last 18 years!
  12. No. I have picked up a few other non high-end bags here and there.
  13. ETA: Double post, sorry!
  14. I won't buy anything that isn't made in Italy or France, sometimes USA. No made in Chine in my closet!

    I had a couple of Made in Italy vintage Coach, couldn't bring myself to wear them since they started making Coach in China.

    I'm a bag snob, lol!
  15. Since having high end bags I am not interested in others anymore. They just don't excite me and whenever I think of spending $50-$100 on something I just think about if I put it in a fund in a few months I can get something designer that will last longer and I will REALLY LOVE!