do u remember what made u addicted to lv? & which bag?

  1. i know lv since i don't know when, but i still remember when i first decided to own an lv. that was when i heard my favourite artist, takashi murakami, picked by marc jacobs to collaborate with lv. that was when the lv craze began. and i always wanted an MC speedy, but then decided on the small MC monogram, because i found the big logos look too much.
  2. OMG, I really can't remember! Honestly though, my all time favorite look in LV is the Speedy, it's a classic!
  3. yeah, i also think speedy is the best shape lv ever made, and it's wonderful that MJ is being creative in this line. like the MC speedy with the front pocket and all, the last perforated line too is modified and seems cuter than the other family. i think MJ is the one who's turn me to this all crazy thing... and not forget the conte de fees by julie verhoeven (also one of my favourite artist) and stephen sprousse.
    here i post my favourites lv item of all time. i downloaded these pics from the internet, i still can't afford to have them all :cry:
    but these are all the bags i really wish to have
    fav_95fd074b.jpg fav_8702ea6a.jpg p10470364_ph_althero_Black.jpg 10508362-L.jpg
  4. Mine was the multicolor bags i loved the bright colors.
  5. Hmmm...well maybe cause my mom carried LV her whole life! I still remember her vintage speedy, which she still has. Ever since then, I've been addicted =)
  6. my first LV was the white Multicolore Pochette Accessoires. my dad brought it home from Milan, but at that time i was more into Dior. then after a while i got my 2nd LV, the Denim Neo-Speedy, and that got me hooked
  7. [​IMG]

    these ads ("Goddesses of the Desert") launched the obession really for me, before i just "admired" my family member's purses ^_^
  8. My first piece was a mono 30 speedy. Loved it, then sold it then hated myself. I became addicted to LVs because while growing up my very glamourous next door neighbor carried them. She is still one of the classiest ladies I know!
  9. I must say classic speedy...

    Gosh....I love all your panda collections..:love: :love: :love:
  10. My grandma has always carried only LV bagsfor as long as I can remember. She has all sorts of small goods too. I would always get into her closet when I was a little girl and model all her pieces. She still carries her vintage speedy which is her favorite. She got me addicted. But I never bought myself a bag until the MC line came out. That is what really drew me to LV eventhough I don't own a MC bag :lol:. Now I am addicted. I am always planning what new one I want to get. I set aside money monthly so that I can pay for me obsession. ;) My all time fav LV bag I own though is my cabas piano. I always go back to that one :heart:
  11. My first LV was a Mono Speedy but I'd say my first REAL addiction was the Cherry Blossom Papillon I could not rest until I got her.
    I finally made her mine this year & I LOVE her!!

    I missed out on the Theda bags so that is my next quest.
  12. God... some of us are hooked up by the MC huh?
    i intended to collect my money to buy the MC speedy, but all the way through i always ended up buying either small MC line, or panda. i always said i'll stop when i own my speedy MC :P

    btw bagsnbags, the pandas, they're not all mine, i took it from the net. i only own 1 panda which is the organizer, and i love it to death, come to that it's a limited edition made me prouder to own one. i love when people look at it and wondered where it was purchased or maybe they think it's a fake because we don't have it in my country ha ha ha...
  13. My first LV was a Speedy 30, a gift from my mother-in-law this January. I've always been a Chanel girl before, and she has always been a LV person. She wanted me to try out LV and since than I've been addicted.
  14. the JLo ads, so fierce!
  15. In 2001 with Graffiti Collection, I begun at that time to see Louis Vuitton as a modern brand.:heart: