Do u reaally need the PCE CARD?? Any SA from Coach tell me!

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  1. Hi everyone! I keep reading here that you need the actual card for PCE, but I've been 3x this year and have never had an actual card!

    I just walk in and tell them I know about it and they're happy to give me the discount.... can they see all my purchases in the system, no matter which store I go to ???

    I read here an SA saying that you don't really need the card....hmm

    I have the the card till Dec9th...will they extend?
  2. Just go in when they're busy and they should be able to just let you have the discount. I think they'll be too busy to check the system to see if you're actually on "the list." It's worth a shot IMO.
  3. Are they extending the sale that ended on Dec. 9th?
  4. It depends on the SA and the store. Most SA's will give you the discount without the card though.
  5. Hello I'm an SA at Coach and no, u do not need the card at all. (Although I hear that some stores mite need it). You should kindly ask that you would like to have the preferred customer discount and there should be no problem!

    The sale is not really "extended" until the end of December but we have PCE for our Coach Factory Preferred customers now until the 29th I believe. You can still get the discount until then.
  6. This sucks! I tried to ask for the PCE discount politely but the guy kept saying you need the card and said he will "call" me back to see if I'm one the customers who got it since they were supposedly busy. But when I went in the store there were not many people and the guy I talked to was just chatting with his co-worker. I wished I lived in the areas where the SA's are so nice and willing to give you the discount with no card.
  7. I am also a little upset... I asked them if I can purchase something with my coupon cause I want to buy my mother a purse, and since I am asking for coach gift cards, for christmas and my birthday... but I do not get my paycheck until the 28th I did not plan on buying anything till then but still want my card.... SO before I bought anything I asked if I could keep it, and they said yes. But then I went to another one because Ihad left it home. I asked them and they said no... I told them my story and all she said was " Well you have to decide wether to buy them both now or just one" So I left...
    Can I tell the, OH I forgot it and then go shopping with it on another Day... any help would be great
  8. I got a card in mid-November (my first, and I was surprised because I've only bought from Coach outlets, my last purchase was just around $400), but I think it was the one that expired in either late November or early December because I thought about having to use it before Christmas.

    Somehow, I lose the card, so now I can't check anyway...

    I wanted to get my mom the $398 Carly bag for Christmas, so I went to my local store yesterday and explained my situation to the first SA I saw. She pretty much said, "Sorry, no can do :sad:" and I just shrugged and bought a keychain for my friend.

    She did ask me if I wanted anything and I said I was looking at getting the Carly. If I go back, I think I'm finding another SA, one who will give me the discount ;) ;)
  9. Well, here is the deal. I am listed as preferred in the system so whenever I go, if I am not at my own store, they look me up and give it to me.

    If they weren't going to, I would actually pitch a fit now and here is why.

    I actually bought the Whiskey Lily shortly after the Sept. sale and when I realized I had missed it (and that whopping 25% off the purse) I was mad. But hey, I hadn't changed my number until the end of Sept and I wasn't going to go in like a spoliled child who hadn't gotten her way since I didn't receive it in the mail and just assumed they had called my old number and I missed the call. THEN I realized I had to change my number.

    I couldn't figure out why I wasn't receiving them in the mail this year. I have changed my phone number 4 times in the system (since Sept) and it still defaults to my old number. In the past the managers at three stores just called me and told me I could do the pre-sale or phone orders. I have since found out the reason I stopped getting the physical cards is they had it in the system I didn't want to receive mail. I NEVER indicated this anywhere and don't know why it changed.

    So, if they don't have the right number to call, despite the fact that I change it everytime I go in, and they incorrectly had me listed as "no mail" I don't think I should suffer! And hey, if you know about the sale have you gotten this "preferred" information somehow?

    I think it would be really cool if PCE applied to online purchases since there are many without a store near them and if phone orders aren't accepted, aren't you at a disadvantage!!!
  10. I find the whole system of PCE to be quite random. In my entire time of loving Coach-just under a year-here's what I've bought at the boutique (and ALWAYS with PCE discount, I've never bought at boutique without it):

    1 bag (Chelsea mineral hobo)
    1 mini skinny
    1 keyfob
    1 ponytail scarf

    At the outlet I've bought:
    1 bag (Chelsea Abbey)
    1 signature agenda
    1 charm

    Soooo...I got the recent PCE discount, the one that ended on Dec 9 but I couldn't use it because I was in the midst of a mad flurry of paper writing and exam preparation at the time. But now I'm so disappointed that I didn't get the second one instead because NOW the semester is over and I'm ready to shop. Plus, I'll be wanting a Carly right after Christmas but I will just wait to get it until I get a PCE at some point.

    It seems to me that I've spend more $$ at the outlets, or at least similar amounts. So it strikes me as odd that I would get the PCE sent to boutique buyers rather than outlet shoppers. This is why I think it is totally random.
  11. You might try seeing if they'll accept your first PCE card. I just used mine again today (for the second time), even though I never got a card for the second PCE event. When I went to check out, I asked the SA if I could still use the card. She didn't even look at it, just said yes and rang it up that way. I wasn't trying to trick them or anything - that's why I asked - but I think maybe they don't care too much, since there is still a PCE going on. If they gave you a hard time, you could say something about how you couldn't make it in for the first one.
  12. Ty for the advice. I went today and they actually did accept my first card so I was able to grab a couple gifts, and just a little something for myself :graucho:. They gave me no problems whatsoever but they did keep my card so I guess this PCE is done for me :girlsigh:. Kind of a shame cause if I get any gc's or loot for Christmas, I plan to grab a Carly. But I will just have to wait for the next one now, or eBay.

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  13. I'm glad you got to use it! But too bad they took it back. I wonder if that's something they're doing with the second PCE (just a one-time only event) or random, since I used my card and they didn't take it during the first event, but had it taken the second time. Probably random.
  14. We must be listed as Preferred Customers and I knew a coupon was due, but it never came. We went into the store we normally shop at (and everyone always remembers us - we stand out like a sore thumb) and they said we were in the system and didn't need a card. Good thing. My SO loves a discount so everyone in the family had a Coach Christmas. And now I might have one since it's extended to the 29th and the Spring line comes out on Wednesday - sooooo pretty!!
  15. The last time they offered PCE I went to checkout and after the clerk rang up my items I realized I didn't have my coupon with me. The clerk gave me the discount anyway without any hassles. I assume if you let them know you know about it they will give you the discount without even presenting the coupon or at least it was true in my case. Can't wait for the next PCE!!!!