Do u re-use nail color wheels???

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  1. I know people use nail color wheels to organize their nail polish collection.

    I just want to use it to make swatches and see how one polish looks like layered over different nail polishes.

    I tried to remove the polish glitters using nail polish remover but it wasn't working. I soaked the color wheel in acetone and voila! It friggin melted the color wheel LOL :roflmfao:

    So are nail color wheels NOT reusable at all?
    A bit pricey if only used for swatches and then disposed of, no?

  2. I personally don't reuse nail wheels.. Aside from maybe layering (like if I get a new polish, I layer it over a similar colour)

    As for removing the polish.. I tried it once but it made the wheel matte-ish and tacky so I never tried again.

    To be perfectly honest, they are like $3 for ten wheels on eBay.. So I just buy new ones :smile:
  3. Is it really that cheap? I thought I paid more than that. ;)
  4. The ones from Sallys are expensive 5.99 w/o club card for 10 wheels, you just have to look around on different websites to see which is the best deal for you :smile: