Do u prefer MbyMJ bags to MJ bags?

  1. I do. The lower price of the MbyMJ bags definitely makes it even better but mbymj bags look easier to match with outfits you know? I haven't seen a MJ bag that i like, except the earlier lines (Elise, Ursula, Venetia, etc) which kinda seems to be inspiration of the MbyMj bags anyway.

    What do you think? I was planning to save up for a Chanel until i saw the Faridah hobo bag. That bag is just pure gorgeousness...

    If the Ursula bag could be carried on the shoulder, i would've preferred that though.

    Anyway, so do u prefer MbyMJ or MJ bags? Be honest!

    They are both designed by marc jacobs anyway!
  2. i prefer the collection line (albeit not the current season) usually because of the classic shapes and timelessness of the bags. i feel the m for mj line is a much younger line and not as stand out as the collection line. just my two cents.
  3. I prefer the MJ Collection. To me the bags seem more versitile and classic.
  4. I guess lately according to my purchases I prefer MbMJ. I bought a teri and and a turnlock hobo instead of a blake. It's the gold hardware that makes me stay away. I'm hoping maybe he'll get bored of it and switch back to nickel.

    cordeeelia save up for the chanel!!!!
  5. I prefer the older styles from the Collection line. I think that M by MJ is still great though and love my Tina!
  6. The MbMJ line is more casual. I just ordered a beige ("sand") Teri. I like the lower price as well, I'll feel more comfortable carrying it every day etc.
  7. The MbMJ bags suit my style better, but I would love something quilted.
  8. I prefer MJ bags, but prefer MbyMJ clothing!!
  9. I like the collection for eye candy. although I saw the quilted elise and was completely drooling over it. the one thing that hinders me to fully love the collection is the weight of the bags. I have a venetia and I can only tote it around for some time..

    I love the mbymj since its casual and more like me and its not that heavy..
  10. i know so many of you love the nickel- but i would only buy the bags with the new gold hardware. i'm not a silver kind of gal.
  11. fall 2007 is making me fall in love with MBMJ over and over again. it's TDF!!
  12. I love MbMJ at the moment, probably because the styles fit me better than the classic MJ collection styles. Another reason why I like MbMJ better right now is because it's something that is affordable!
  13. i actually prefer the MJ bags over the latter. i mean, it's cool and everything, but i've always had a taste over MJ. something about it i won't be ever to shake off. i think MbyMJ has some cute styles i'd compliment but i'd never buy personally
  14. I like both bags but I tend to buy the MbyMJ bags because of the price and the weight. I find a lot of the MJ bags too big for me and heavy. I still like to look at them though...
  15. Me too! MbyMJ clothing is at least somewhat within my price range!