do u love your Bolide?


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Jun 19, 2006
i'm determined to get one of every style of hermes... so far i have 2 kellys and a trim, all diff leathers... i am loving the look of the bolide, especially the soft leather ones. can i get opinions on what can fit into the 31? the 27 seems too small for my lifestyle. plus how easy to access the inside?
LOVE Bolides!!! I've always considered the capacity of a 31cm similar to that of a Kelly 32cm, Birkin 30cm, and Plume 28cm. Access is very easy, especially w/ the Mou versions.

An SA once told me that in her experience, many seasoned Hermes collectors and enthusiasts prefer the Bolide to the Birkin!
Yes!! I love my Bolide. My is a 27cm in chevre (I only carry small bags) and it is easily accessible and fits a surprising amount! I definitely recommend it. :yes:
I love the Bolide with a passion and don't even own one yet! hehe
I think the 31cm is the size for me. I love both the mou versions in clemence and the structured ones in chevre or box.
Forgot to say that the Bolide is the bag for someone who wants to carry Hermes but not necessarily get too much attention doing so. Those who "know" will know and those who only recongnize the Birkin from magazines and such will never suspect.
I love this about the Bolide. I call it an "under the radar" kind of bag.
Absolutely! I love mine and use it frequently.....AND it's got a shoulder strap!!!!! Everything perfect all rolled into one gorgy bag!!!!
Ditto GT! Great bag to take when dropping kid off at school. Still carrying H but it's not so recognizable that other mothers' tongues start wagging.

other mothers' tongues wag when you wear your hermes? i would flaunt mine, not in a mean way, but rather, i should be able to wear mine whenever i want.

i do love the idea that it's easy with the kids. i've got 3 under age 5, and i'm always running around to the older two's classes, that sometimes i'm afraid when i take my kellys, they might end up with play dough on it. i guess i like the bolide for "rough" use.
I love my bolide!!! It's the best bag - I have one in vache liegee which is quite rigid and will be getting another one in a slouchy leather down the road. The 31 is perfectly similar to the 30 birkin, and 32 kelly as above stated (and plume 28)'s so easy to carry and can be zipped - or left open - it's one of my favorites for sure! I had 3 kids under 5 as well...whew!! It's not easy....good luck!
Greentea, *I* was going to say "under the radar" !! I love love love my Bolide 31. It is casual yet elegant, and it holds a ton of stuff! I think it holds more than the 32 Kelly, or at least the stuff in it is easier to get to. I use a chameleon purse organizer in it. Good luck deciding!
24, you had me worried:graucho: there for a minute.

The Bolide was my first real Hermes.....well, I did have a Picotin and it's a super style, but....Miss B was my first regular H bag.

She's in clemence, a 31cm and she moooooos ( mou ,unstructured style ) To me, there's a significant difference in how easy it is to access the Mou Bolide vs the regular stiffer construction. I had a regular Bolide and as lovely as it was ( Chevre Rouge Vif ) I sold it because I wanted the softer leather and the easy to access slouchy-ness of the Mou. And it does slouch more in the softer leathers such as Clemence.....

Below is a pic of a Togo BJ Mou Bolide....( one I owned and sold ) she slouches too, but not as much as my Black Clemence.


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