Do u love the little miss marc bag??

  1. have u seen the little miss marc katie and faridah bag?? i know it's a little old,but i think they're both amazingly cute!! what do you guys think and do u know where can i get that bag?cos last time i went to Nordstrom the girl at marc jacobs didnt know anything about it.
  2. i love them!!!
  3. i love mj but their not me, i got the fran instead.
  4. sold out everywhere. "faster than a blink of an eye"
  5. HI... If you find a Miss Marc Katie tote please let me know where. I am wanting one and the coin pouch to match... Best of luck to us both
  6. the little miss marc is much better than the new veruka bag... i bought the veruka in berry thinking that they have the same material.... but noooooo...! the veruka's material feels cheaper than the thick canvas material of the little miss marc... =( i still love it though, it's soo cute!! the last time i saw the little miss marc was when i went to hongkong 2 months ago (during this time the little miss marc is sold out in the US, i think). almost bought it but it's more expensive there compared to Neiman Marcus....
  7. I really like it..