1. is there anything hermes that anyone here does not like or would never buy??

    was looking thru ties for my hubby and there are some that are questionable. although cute indeed, i don't know if i'd want my hubby to wear a tie with animals on it. LOL

    also, i would never buy the croc diamond birkin only because my hubby would divorce me. :crybaby: :crybaby: either that or he'll send me to a mental institution. i guess i can only buy it in my dreams then...
  2. i don't love this:


    where's japster? she posted some other whoppers the other day!
  3. I don't love that Himilaya bag. Nor do I like that ugg boot Kelly bag.

    There are several bags that I appreciate and think are beautiful but I would never buy because they are not me and/or don't fit with my lifestyle.
  4. Yeah....those crazy leggings from the other day!

    I love Hermes but there are some things I just don't SA once tried to sell me a scarf with golf balls all over it. :Push: And I'm not a big fan of some bags and honestly I do NOT like Epsom or Vache Ligee so that rules out anything made in these leathers. :sad:

  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    What scared me was the one that has all the insects on it. *shudders*
  6. as with each and every company that i love (the metality the heritage the craftsmanship etc) it is the same also with hermès that some of their products are unappealing to my eye . but i guess that is normal and a good thing as we are not label whores but still thinking individuals with an own style and opinion
  7. I'm definitely more partial to certain leather bags (not all), and scarves are definitely growing on me (just need to figure out what to do with them). However, i cannot seem to do the jewelries because I keep thinking if I'm going for jewelries, I want to get it from a company that makes jewelries. Ack, please don't flame me.:Push:
  8. ^agree. The beauty of Hermes is choice! And BOY do they have some amazing choices!
  9. man, I could post some pics that would make your stomach think the Himalaya is bad......
  10. Do it! I DAAAAARRREEEE you~ :P
  11. really? OK, you'll have to give me a bit of time, I've juast woken up, (DH & I were at a charity ball last night) and have to get my act together....I promise pics that will make your eyes bleed..............
  12. Oh this is gonna be fun!!! Btw, what bag did you take to the ball?:flowers:
  13. kou have to agree with you on the jewelery/watch sector they are nice but that´s about it and for this amount of money something has to be more then just nice. (if i would buy all the things i find "nice" oh boy that would drive bill gates into dept :supacool:
  14. :lol: :lol: @ Bill Gates
    I found myself looking at watches from Patek and Rolex the other day, some actually look quite nice!
  15. oh yes and they are just like hermes! legendary, best craftsmenship inside out and a good value(investment) and yes classic :yes: