Do u like your LV bag to stand out??

  1. I am just curious. Do you ladies like your LV bag to stand out? For example, buy a bright color LV bag VS. a monogram. It seems like the majority of you likes the monogram
  2. I love my mandarin epi bags. So, yes, I guess I do like my bags to stand out.
  3. YES lol what's the use of buying a 1000$+ bag if no one knows who it's made by?! I agree that it might be for "personal satisfaction", but still..... Iono, this is just me! :biggrin:
  4. Hell YEAH!:yes: I LOVE my bags to stand out! Maybe it's the Russian in me but I LOVE my bags to be "in your face" type of bags, color and style wise!:graucho:
  5. Oh yeah baby! Didn't Mrs Troppo said that people who prefer handheld bags are show offs...guess what most of my bags are ;) :lol:
  6. :lol: JoJo, mine are too!
  7. I'm a total contradiction: I love Mono but I am so shy about carrying it and people noticing! :shame:
  8. I guess it really depends on where I'm at. I don't like to draw a lot of attention to myself but I like it when people compliment me on my bags.
  9. I feel the same. Of course, the epi line is gorgeous and I'd never buy a mono bag that I didn't like only because of the mono, but yeah, I love that people can see that I've spent lots of money on a bag. For me, the bag is a symbol of acheiving something, and I see no reason to be ashamed of that:love:
  10. Nope, absolutely not. My favorite lines are Epi and vernis (in small accessories, all in pastel colors -- meaning, no framboise for me! :P )
  11. I own 2 sets of bags.

    The branded bags to hang out with friends who own and appreciate them and there is the "others", as gorgeous but don't cost as much to hang out with my more "down to earth" friends.

    By the way, it's 2.30am here in Singapore...I really have trouble sleeping since I came back from a 3-week vacation in Europe. Bloody jetlag.

    I am glad handbagholics come from all over the globe...I am not lonely even at this hour:P
  12. it doesn't really matter to me whether they stand out or not. i know they probably do, because where i live designer bags are rampant only in fakes, but i don't carry a bag for the sole purpose of making it stand out :lol:.
  13. I like my bags to do the "talking" so I wear an understated outfit and throw in my color pop with a vernis bag or my Mandarin Epi Jasmin.
  14. For me...I do not like my bags to stand out at all. I do luv the compliments but I like the fact that with Damier, its very understated.

    I even wish there would be an LV line that is more discrete about the "name brand" part. I have some Prada in brighter colors but its seems less noticible as a "name brand" bag from afar. I personally hate to show the brand off b/c I think due to my up brining...I was shouldnt be talked about or shown about....:smile:
  15. Hmm... most of my bags are handheld too, but my last 2 purchases have been shoulder bags.

    I like my bags to stand out because they are nice bags, not necessarily because they are LV. I do own a couple of mono purses, but most of my bags are less noticeable brand wise to the average person.