Do u like this coin purse?

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  1. I went to coach yesterday to ask this coin purse but they dont have in store. I have to order and ship to my home.

    I order in red since another out of stock.

    I like it because it limited editon

    any one like ?
  2. I love that coin purse. It will look fabulous on a bag or in your hand. Congratulations!
  3. Its beautiful! I'm sure you'll love it!
  4. Im not fond of this one at all. Sorry.
  5. It's gorgeous I was considering getting one my self!
  6. [​IMG]

    and I saw one in ebay now price is 90$ something in brown color.
    retail price is 78.00
  7. I really like it -- it's a mini patent leather purse with a chain strap. It will look lovely on you!
  8. I have it in the emerald green! It is kind of "plastic-y" looking for the price, but I never did take it back, so I guess it isn't so bad. :smile:
  9. I think its really pretty and reminds me of coin purses from way back when, yet it has a modern flair to it. Enjoy!
  10. I love it! I tried to snag one during the last PCE however my SA was unable to come through for me :crybaby:
  11. I returned a white and a green one because they were just too flat for me. I wanted them to be "pouchier". I just wasn't in love with it when I got them and it's a lot to spend on something you just don't love.
  12. I think it's adorable! Love the red!
  13. I agree with the person who said it looks like a vintage coin purse with a modern twist. It's nice. :smile:
  14. i have it in red and i LOVE it.
  15. Yes, i love it. I got the red one during the last PCE so it was only $58.50.