Do u like few items of similar canvas print in one outfit?

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  1. I think that only one item with print can be used per one outfit

    Other way LV items with print stops to be an accent and outfit become looks like LV advert

    Do u agree with me?

    I like variant from left


    My LV collection: Roman PM Ardoise, Naviglio Damier Azur, Bass MM, Keepall Bandolier 45 Macassar, Keepall Bandolier 55 Damier Graphite, PDV Damier Graphite, Initials Belt Damier Graphite, Initials Belt Taiga Grey, Inventeur Damier Graphite Reversible Belt, Petit Damier Graphite Scarf, Key Pouch Damier Ebene
  2. I agree - too much of the same is overkill, IMO...
  3. agree! left pic is much better!👍😃👏
  4. Definitely agree, too many items with a print/pattern looks over the top, first pic looks great!
  5. It depends. If I had lots of LV monogram luggage, for instance, I wouldn't think twice about using it at the same time. I also wear a Damier Ebene belt while carrying an Ebene bag. I think too much can be overpowering, but I think it's okay to match a little, too.
  6. +1
  7. +1. I think belt and bag in similar print looks sharp and stylish, and also a full set of luggage. I think the guy on this pic looks great:

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  8. I Think it depends on which print..... I can see a lot of DE or a lot of mono potentially......but too much of MC in either color would be horrid. Too matchy matchy is never pretty......
  9. I think you look great in both pictures, oh, and the bags are nice too! Lol
  10. I like pic 2 - coordinated pieces (to me) show a decision to pull together a look. I am OCD so maybe that's where it comes from. Either way, both look stunning and it is what you feel most comfortable with.
  11. DE looks great in multiples but Mono... Not so much!

  12. ita!
  13. So do I! And I really want the Icare!
  14. I like the second pic, no such thing as overkill when it's comes to LV IMHO :smile:
  15. Yeah.. I'm very satisfied with mine ;) It's a very practical bag with a perfect size.