Do u like a lot hardwares on your bag?

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  1. Do u like a lot hardwares on your bag? Whether is gold or silver in color? Do you think it will make the bag look "cheap"?
  2. I love hardware. The type of hardware used makes or breaks the bag.

    That's why I :heart: chloe (two toned hardware --- gold locks, silver zippers)
  3. i love silver hardware most.... but sometimes certain colors look best with gold hardware.. it depends..
  4. I really like hardware. I think gold looks good on the elegant ladylike bags like Jimmy Choos and Guccis, while I love silver hardware on edgy bags. I have a Versace Biker bag and Dolce and Gabbana bag with silver studs, I'm into the biker look.
  5. I prefer minimal hardware. Too much is too heavy and can sometimes look tacky.
  6. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I have a small Betsey Johnson collection--i.e., lots of hardware--for when I'm in the mood. I do like buckles!
  7. I agree, not to mention all the scratches and nicks you have to worry about.:s
  8. I LOVE me some hardware! I prefer it to be silver in color. Studs, grommets, chains, you name it, I love it. I do think it can be overdone, though. Mostly it depends on the individual bag.
  9. I like just enough for the bag to function well. Too much hardware makes the bag heavier and though I have a bad shoulder, I love to wear shoulder bags, so I look for the lighter bags. If it's done well, it won't make it look "cheap" IMO.
  10. I like very little hardware, with the exception of some Chloe bags.
  11. I love love love love hardware. Not to an extreme, as it can be tacky. But the lock on the Paddington as well as the horsebits on the Gucci... :love:
  12. I don't really like hardware, unless it's on a Suhali bag!!!
  13. <--------------The only true hardware I like is the hardware on my paddy. I think its just the perfect amount that really gives the bag that look to make it "pop"
  14. i guess it depends, if it complements the look of the bag i buy it.

    but if the chains and other bits are in gold, i don't buy it.

    oh! and there was a time i was only buying bags with buckles, pockets, and other things dangling with the bag. :lol:

    cheers all!!!
  15. I'm not a fan of harwareliciousness. That's probably why I don't like at lot of this season's 'in' bags.
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