do u ladies really use your fringe bags?

  1. i just see the bucket fringe IRL at a 2nd hand store, they still sell the bag wayyy beyond my capability, but i just need to touch the bag myself, and the second i touch that, i'm shaking... it's beautiful, but it seems too vulnerable, with all those tassles and charms hanging, i will be too scared to use it.
    just wondering where and on which occasions do you girls used these bags, and are you scared to death that they will break?
  2. [​IMG] Yes! I use mine!!!!! It went to the F1 grand prix in Monaco and is also happy in our local pub at home.
  3. I used mine several times!:yes: What's the point of shelling out this kind of $$$ and have it sit in your closet?!:graucho:
  4. i know, it cost $$$ but it looks sooo fragile even the SA was joking me to buy it and use the tassles & charms for cell phoe straps :P.
    but no worry, she's not an LV SA :smile:
  5. Btw, is there only 2 LV MC Fringe bags available? Speedy and the Bucket?

    What happened to this Demi-Lune model?
  6. hey chaneller, where did you find that picture? That is cute!
  7. The demi-lune model was never produced (at least this is what I was told by my SA). I love my bucket and carry it wherever. However, I did have a bead/gem fall off of the large red beaded LV charm. So right know the bag is in for repairs. I wouldn't be concerned becasue LV can always fix it! Just be prepared beacuse beads will probably break/fall off with use. When I get mine back I'm going to refrain from shaking, twirlling and trying to make the bag "jinggle", I know I'm a dork but that nosie is soooo cute!!!

    BTW why is the bag at a 2nd hand store? Are you sure about authenticity?- My honest opinion- BE careful it is probably a fake!
  8. cute !!
  9. I :heart: the demi-lune!:flowers:
  10. Yes I use mine and I love the noise the charms of my speedy fringe does. I got questions and smiles all the time when I carry it .
  11. I love the demi lune!
  12. i've checked the bag and it's authentic. it's still sold around 4000USD and it's hardly used, the owner decided to sell this because she's too scared to use it.
  13. Aww.. the demi lune is so cute !
  14. demi lune is sooo cute...