do u have travel LV bag?

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  1. which one is the best as a board luggage?
  2. Im buying the keepall in a few days.. Not really helping, I just think it is a very good opposition.
  3. Im thinking excatly about keepall.. but I wonder if 55 can be take on the board?
  4. i got me a speedy 40 just for the travel purposes... I have used it for in town activities too.. like maybe swimming parties etc... love that its not too big that I can also take it for sleepover! LIKEY!!!
  5. oh speedy 40! good idea too! :smile: but probably to small for 4 days.
  6. i use the keepall 60 with the long strap and deauville for carryon. the deauville counts as a purse and the keepall is my carry on. nice and simple for me.
  7. I thought the keepall 55 was the largest size permitted for carry-on luggage...
  8. yes, even 4inches too large. I checked on airline web. so 50 must be perfect!
  9. On LVs website the Keepall 55 has been the largest cabin friendly bag. Check your favorite airlines website as well.
  10. i have NEVER been questioned or stopped with it. never. it fits above head. not to be snobbish but when one carries lv luggage carry on or checked people give you a pass. so if my size bad is not permitted they have not told me. also i do not stuff it so it still has a little space maybe that is why.
  11. Perhaps it depends on the airline. Though I'm pretty sure that these days particularly, no one gets a pass regardless of the brand of luggage they're carrying...

    In Britain they have those basket things near security control and you're only supposed to be allowed to proceed with the carry-on if it fits in the basket. I just can't picture a keepall 60 fitting in one of those things.

    If I find that a 60 is deemed suitable for cabin luggage, I'll have to reconsider my choices! I always think the bigger the better, for bags.
  12. I have the Keepall 55, 45 with strap, and a Carryall - which I adore. You should check out the Carryall as it is so versatile BUT it is NOT big enough for a 4 day trip. But have a look nonetheless.

    I fly often and always take my 55 with me. Fits in the over heads perfectly. Don't fill it too much though as it quickly gets heavy and hurts the shoulder and back. Of coarse I pack mine to the brim each time...
  13. My favorite go-to airline travel LV is the Keepall 45 with the shoulder strap, the shoulder strap it a must have!! makes travel easier, too hard to carry by hand a keepall, especially when you have a lot in it!!
  14. and you take 55 on inside plane board?
  15. ok well just sharing what i carry and my experiences.
    i also fly first class so maybe because i board first and there is more room i have not been questioned. not sure.