Do u guys dress up to go into the LV store ?

  1. Does anyone here dress up to go to LV ?? I always feel wierd about how to dress when i go there... like should i be dressed up or is it acceptable to wear my jeans etc
  2. I know I always dress up to go to Tiffany's, LV and other high end stores.. I just feel self conscious if I'm in a sweatshirt and jeans. Plus in my experience you get better service that way (especially since everyone always thinks I'm like 17 :cry:smile:
  3. No way. I am also VERY casual to boutique.

  4. I don't dress up just to go to designer stores but I do make sure I carry a nice bag just in case they want to size me up or something.
  5. I wear what I wear to work, which is jeans, casual shoes and a not-too-casual-for-work top. The one thing I do make a point of wearing is a nice handbag, if I'm not already carrying an LV at the time. Just to be sure they know I'm able to buy and not just look!
  6. NEVA!:lol: As a matter of fact, last time I was there I wore my A&F jeans with torn knees and a tank top!!! You should have seen the SAs looking at me when I first walked in!!!:wacko: I LOVE doing that, esp. when I know I am going to buy something!:nuts: :lol:
  7. I was wondering the same thing earlier :biggrin: I am going to the LV store tomorrow and the thought did cross my mind that maybe I should dress something nice BUT I will probably go in jeans. I don't feel like being uncomfortable running around the mall :biggrin:
  8. Always casual but always carrying a LV bag and wearing high-end sunglasses. I am always treated very well.
  9. i dont like carrying my LVs in there..... i dont want them to judge me... i wish they would treat everyone the same..

    today im going to test out what it is like to wear just jeans and a sweater... with a non LV bag... and see what kind of service i get (im planning on getting the wapity, book and cles)

    then next time ill dress up and carry my perfo speedy, and see if i get treated differently
  10. Thats terrible :sad: That truly makes me sad. Its like that one scene in Pretty Woman when they wouldnt help her because of her appearance.

    I would like to know how that goes, they better treat you right! I wish people wouldnt pre-judge. .its so conceited :sad:
  11. I used to, but don't worry about it now. They know me as a customer, and enjoy drooling over my discontinued bags. I looked pretty hideous this weekend. I had planned to go there Friday evening, and so was dressed in cute capris and sweater, with a matching fuchsia bedford, but didn't make it in time. On Saturday I had a Colts draft party to attend, so I went to LV afterwards, wearing a Colts football jersey, capri jeans, and my fuchsia bedford (didn't want to pack another purse). Got some funny looks in other stores, but didn't care - I'm carrying LV for heaven's sake!:P
  12. LOL they just don't pay attention to me bc I look really young. I still get carded at movies!! So if I put the effort into it and actually put on some make up and wear some nice jeans and a top I can add a few years to my appearance so I look atleast 20 :lol:
  13. "Do you work for commission? BIG MISTAKE!" :lol::lol::lol:
  14. ill let you know how i go today ;)
    i work at Sanity (music store in Aus) so im going to be wearing my black skinny jeans and Russell Crowe t-shirt (*gag*) and ill see what sort of looks i get... and ill rate their service!!! Ill also post pics of my goodies that i get today (with my crappy camera fone)
  15. You work at SANITY? Omg... I love that store! :nuts: I used to order CDs online from you guys. Then when I studied abroad in Australia, I went looking for your store and was all psych about seeing it in real life. :lol: I even took a picture in front of a Sanity music store.