Do u girls purchase at least 1 bag.. every new season

  1. How long do u girls keep yr chanel bag(s)? :p
    Or rather how often do u buy a chanel bag..every season????
  2. No, I don't buy that often.
    I'm not a collector at all, I only loike to have the staples, ones I'll get a lot of use from.
    I have a black and a white CHanel, need to add a brown, navy and red.
  3. ^ I am the same as Swanky. PHH has me limited to only two a he thinks:shame:
  4. Hmm.. I don't have a limit nor do I feel compelled to buy one per season. I just buy as I like. Though lately.. I may have to limit myself...
  5. black and a white CHanel, need to add a brown, navy and red.[/quote]

    Amanda dont' wreck my image of you.:crybaby:

    I thought you would be a collector and ALWAYS have the "it: bag of the season.
  6. LOL! Nope just a very picky stay at home Mamacita in the 'burbs trying to stay swanky! :biggrin:

    I'm not an 'it' bag kinda gal, hence the lack of a Cabas in the current inventory!
  7. No, I don't buy that often too. Last year I got around 5-6 bags added to my collection (not all Chanel). I keep every brandname bags for life ;) ! I still keep my LV, Moschino,Celine bags from last 10 yrs! I never take them out to carry again (some are out-dated) but need to keep them for life :p
  8. I have gotten hooked on Chanel and need one more bag for Spring to add to my black and red. Then I will hold off for a while!
  9. I buy tooo many bags every season :wacko:

    I see, I want, I buy....horrible financial planning
  10. I buy 1 or 2 year--usually spring and fall. I am not a seasonal collector, I have staple bags.

    Black Chanel Grand Shopping Tote for dressy occasions
    Red Modern Chain Tote-Medium for everyday
    Red modern chain flap-for dinner
    Black Caviar Chanel Coco Cabas for work bag
    Red LV Epi backpack for "outdoor" events

    In the market for:
    White chanel, which I hope to buy this spring (I'm looking for a white modern chain tote, or baby cabas as an alternate if the MC can't be found)
    Brown chanel, I will probably add in the fall, or when I see one that I really like, right now there aren't any brown bags I'm crazy for
  11. I'm actually trying NOT to buy one for spring !
  12. You sound just like me :shame::shame::shame:
  13. I probably buy 3 or 4 really nice designer bags each year. I'm really hooked on Chanel right now. I think I want one of each color of the classic flap and reissues. I also need a tote.
  14. oops see below...
  15. I feel the same!