Do u feel guilty when.......

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  1. ............ when u spend lots of money on a bag that is not "weather-proof" (For example, untreat leather, leather that scratches easily or stains easily, or bags that are made with canvas materials) etc??

    I just purchase this leather bag that I know will scratch & stain easily & I feel so guilty on wasting money for a bag that is not going to last that long. :unsure: However, I just love the design. I'm debating if I should return it. Of course, I want a bag that I can throw around & still look new. I want to see how you ladies see this topic. Do u care about the material of the bag too much? ;) Thanx!
  2. Since I'm sooo anal, I always consider the material and the cost ratio of the bag. I ask myself is it worth it?...especially because I'm very klutzy and very rough with my bags, so no pure white bags for me! Unless you have alot of money or you're good at taking care of your bags, go for whatever tickles your fancy!
  3. I have to admit, I'm pretty anal too when it comes to my bags. I do take into consideration how well it will hold up. However, if I really love it and feel that I will not easily find another like it again, I will buy it. I just try to be careful about taking them out in certain weather conditions, etc. I say, if you really love it, go for it!
  4. believe me, If we all feel guilty about spending$$$$ on handbags , we won't have TPF...LOL
  5. I can't spend money on bags that will show they've been beatten into the ground

    i can't justify it knowing how i kill my bags
  6. An LV, no. If it were the old-style Ferragamo that scratched if you looked at it funny, yes.
  7. i say keep it for a week while you consider it (maybe carry it around the house hahah) but if you know you're going to be "anal" about it, you probably won't get good use out of it.

    BTW, what bag is it?
  8. I can't so either I don't use it or I don't get it. I tend to store/collect stuff so I have a lot of new bags that haven't seen the light of day since I got them. Pretty sad but I refused to let that happen to my LVs!
  9. I look at the cost ratio as well....a delicate bag that does not hold up I will not buy unless it's a special evening bag. So, nothing white and nothing fabric. I really fell for a fabric Chanel handbag not too long ago and ALMOST bought was TDF in a BIG way for me I put it back and don't regret it.
  10. Water damage on my 2 mulberry bags. They still look alright, it's just psychologically, they have become damaged goods due to my stupidity. Boo.
  11. Well, I think, I would just take extra care of that bag and use it not as often as my other bags ;)