do u feel ferragamo bags have no resale value :-(

  1. i have recently tried selling one of my salvatore bags and fashionphile wont accept it one of the other consign stores gave me a very low quote,feeling so disappointed
  2. Generally Ferragamo is not as desirable as the other brands but they do make some very pretty leather bags and there is a market for some of their bags. What is the bag that you are trying to sell? Most consignment stores only take in current, popular or rare items.
  3. i have no idea about style name but i shall include some pics
    Photo on 7-13-15 at 9.48 PM.jpg Photo on 7-13-15 at 9.49 PM.jpg Photo on 7-13-15 at 9.48 PM #2.jpg
  4. I tried selling a Ferragamo bag at Fashionphile and they refused mine too. I sold mine at a Consignment store and it sold fast. You might try Yoogi's Closet, Ann's finds, Malleries or Portero. Your bag is a current style so I would try another bag consignment store. Good luck.

  5. Agree.. other viable options to explore..

    Fashionphile isn't the end all, IMO
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  6. Thank you!!! I shall try these
  7. I tend to buy ferragamo 2nd hand due to low resale value... and at that price point, their bags are excellent ... why not try selling urself on eBay?
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  8. Agree, no re-sale value
  9. Ferragamo doesn't retain much value unfortunately. :sad: But neither do the majority of bags on the 2nd hand market.
  10. I do agree that there is very low resale value for ferragamo. However, with that said, i still do buy their bags because i love their classic designs and also because i usually buy them with no intention for resale.
  11. This is an old post but I am experiencing the same problem recently too. I used to only buy Ferragamo and had only one classic Chanel flap. I wished that I had spent more time looking into and collecting Chanel when the classic flaps were cheaper. There is very low resale value so I have given many of my old ones away a year ago. The ones that I could bear to part with I kept. I ended up sending them to the RealReal for consignment very recently. They came to pick them. I am switching brand as I feel that I only need a fewer designer bags and I would like to be able to sell them easier if I ever wish to change bags. Ferragamo also has terrible repair policy on bags, my Gancio clasp on one of my bags fell apart, I think one of the part became unglued or unbonded. The bag's leather is still in excellent condition so I would like it repaired. Customer service advised sending to Rago Brothers. I figured that I can repair the clasp to sell or give away. I sent in 1-2 months ago and they were not able to repair it, Ferragamo didn't offer replacement clasp.
    I think that most designer bags have low resale value because they have sales. Ferragamo has sales at least twice a year with deep discount s and good selection. LV/Chanel/Hermes don't have many sales or none at all on bags.
    I won't be buying any more Ferragamo bags. I still love their shoes so might still make it to the stores sometimes.
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  12. I used to think that it had a lot to do with the styles being discounted, but it is only a part of it. I think it has the most to do with demand and the timelessness of the piece. Louis Vuitton's monogram pieces have a relatively high resale value compared to their original price, but their higher price point bags like their Capucines and Twist bags do not although LV never discounts anything. Chanel's classics like their Classic Flap and Reissue have very high resale values, but their seasonal pieces don't have such a high resale value.

    And then the surge of a brand's popularity affects resale value as well. Gucci resale has been increasing since Alessandro Michele took over as Creative Director.
  13. Yeah, can't sell at a good price for Ferragamo bag
  14. I am experiencing the same and it quiet disappointing. I believe the model i have is timeless and i got compliment about it and my friends always ask me where i got ...but the moment i say Ferragamo and how much it its, interest disappear.
    People prefer to add and get a Chanel or an Hermes.
    I went up to 70% discount to the initial price, i will end up to gift it or keep it to use once a year like i do for past years:smile:
    But do we really buy thinking of reselling value ? I certainly haven't in the past. Will i in the future ? I doubt
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  15. I love Ferragamo, they are so classic and timeless but i guess they do not have the same reputation like H and Chanel so people aren't that interested in them
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