do u dream of balenciaga?

  1. I woke up this morning extremely elated, only to find out that it was a dream!

    I've just received a gorgeous sandstone city that i'm absolutely psyched about.. i took her out yesterday, and it was great!:tender:

    So in my sleep :sleepy:i dreamt that i had 2 old bal bags... and i had forgotten about them since i got them before bbags became popular.. So in my dream i hurriedly go looking for them; soon i found 1 which was a natural GH brief...and the rest of the dream was me looking all over for some dark purple twiggy that had "bled" its color on my natural brief making it sorta lilac!!!!!!! :roflmfao:

    Tell us about your B-bag dreams!!
  2. Hmmm, you owned an eggplant AND a lilac bbag in your dream? Lucky you!! I bet you didn't wanna wake up huh?

    Funny you mention BBag dreams today tho! I was just about to open a new thread to tell all of you about the nightmare I had last night... so here it goes:

    I was at the office and wanted to adjust the height of my desk. I asked a coworker to help me lift it up a little. We lifted it up, each of us holding one end of the table. Then we realized that one end was higher up then the other... THEN I realized: My BBag had fallen onto the ground :sad:... I picked it up and I saw: it had fallen into the hole puncher and there was a hole in the back of my bag :wtf:

    I could see through the leather and the lining into the bag... I still remember it was a very accurately punched out hole... :crybaby:

    I was so upset by this that when I woke up I wasn't sure if it had actually happened!! Boy, was I relieved when I held my one and only Bbag in my hands this morning and it did NOT have any holes in it!

    Btw, I told my friends about this and they all think I'm crazy LoL
  3. DRSM and simmm, your dreams are hilarious. It seems that I'm not the only one with weird and illogical dream sequences. I can't say that I dream of bbags, though, because if I did, I can't recall them at all. :shrugs:
  4. Yes, all the time
  5. I do all the time! After Incoralblue put up pics of BALNY from outside I had major dreams about shopping there and NYC. I could even smell the stinky air. No offense, it was just a dream. My only reference is that I went to Atlantic City a few years ago w/ my husband for his work and it stunk to high heaven, granted it was summer, but GRoss!

    ANyway... I dream bbags all the time. DH has nightmares that I bankrupt him w/ bbags! : )
  6. hahaha....i dreamt them everytime and sometimes, i woke up and tot i got all my wishlist reaching at my doorstep......*LOL*
  7. Yes I had dreams about my sandstone day the day before she came. I rarely dream about something unless I *really really* want it.
  8. LOL, you crack me up. I saw them pics by incoralblue and it did look stinky, esp the garage..ewww sweaty men anyone?? j/k
  9. Ooopss, back to topic- I always dream of Bbags, especially when some members (you know who you are :p ) get 2 bags nearly every week.

    I am so jelous. I cant wait to get my first Bbag. :wlae:
  10. Haha... very cute thread!
  11. Oh, yeah, absolutely!

    I always think about what to get or what I want to get before I go to naturally, I dream about Balenciaga quite often. I don't tell anyone about this, though because they'd think I'm extremely shallow:p
  12. Sometimes......I had an eggplant dream recently...and it turned into reality!
  13. i do.. and sometimes nightmares! after selling on of my black cities, i had a dream that i pulled out the one i kept out of its sleeper, and it was terrible cracked shiney plastic patent leather!!!
  14. bumping this old thread.

    Last night I dreamt Balenciaga came out with a new style called "DOG"
    It was a glass mason jar with covered hardware.
  15. haha halycon girl!
    I was only saying to my husband yesterday is there a "handbag annonymus", because i think I need to go!