Do u buy relatively alot of things from the internet?

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  1. Recently I have been buying more stuff from the internet than from real boutiques or shops. Stuff like beads and findings for accessories making, bags, magazines and books. Now I am also surfing the net for a cross.

    what about you guys? has internet buying become the norm for u?:biggrin:
  2. I don't most of my shopping on the net! I LOVE it!
  3. Net shopping is great. I love the mall, but time constraints can be a problem. I just have to be careful who I buy from.
  4. I buy a lot online, but usually my purses, books, dvds, and cds. Things like that. Clothes and shoes I always buy offline to try one.
  5. i buy a laptop, some clothes that don't need to fit very well, jewelry, watches, lingerie, textbooks, yarn & needles, cat toys,, contact lenses... i only go to real stores when i have time to waste or if i want to see/try something in person before buying. oh and i don't buy jeans or shoes online either.
  6. Almost everything. I'm disappointed when I can't find everything online.
    It's nice to hit the good stores once in a while but for me it's online, sometimes with codes and mostly through various rebate sites like ****** and lucky rewards so I get a bit of $ back.:amuse:
  7. i LOVE to shop online, almost all of my bags come from the internet (when it's not a rare bag, there's usually no sales tax, and you have access to lists of coupon codes, why would you buy anywhere else? i love i also buy clothes and shoes from familiar brands (so i know they'll fit) because between work, school, and living 2 hours from Atlanta, clothes shopping in real life can get tricky. i don't know what i'd do without the internet!
  8. I prefer to buy at the stores. I like to be able to see things in person before I buy. However, if I can get a good deal on something via the internet I'll buy online. Today I just purchased a Mulberry Phoebe at a discount on LVR.
  9. Not really, sometimes books and dvds because they're cheaper, but I like seeing and feeling something first.
  10. Nah, I'm impatient and hate waiting for shipping :lol:
  11. I've shopped a lot online. I prefer to buy from stores where I can pickup, feel, try on...but it's not always possible if there is no store nearby that carries an item I specifically want, or I don't have time to make an expedition. I've never had a problem returning anything.
  12. I buy a ton of stuff on the internet - all my books, music, dvd's, skin products, my laptop and the list goes on - However I have only bought 2 bags that way and both were good experiences - I will not buy shoes or clothes or any items where good fit is involved. You can find things online that you cannot find in stores without getting on a plane.
  13. I usually buy dvd's and books online as I prefer to see and touch things in real life before I buy. I did buy a discounted Chloe-scarf from net-a-porter yesterday, so I can't wait to get it, but most of the time I just stick to normal stores.
    Oh, and I buy airline-tickets online as well, but I guess that's so normal now that it isn't considered online-shopping in that sense anymore.
  14. I do all of my Christmas shopping online. Especially toys for the kids I buy for. The only thing I won't buy online are jeans for me. The fit is so subjective on alot of the brands, that I can't stand the disappointment of doing a return if it doesn't look good to me.
  15. I do buy online -- sometimes books, sometimes bags. I always buy clothing in person, though.