Do u buy bags & don't use them?

  1. Although I don't have any high end bags yet, but I do have some coaches bags that I love. I tend to leave my bags in the dustbag & take them out to admire them only. I'm worrying that I may scuff/scratch the leather. Anyone here buy bags & don't really want to use it worrying that you may damage them?? or don't find a good occasion to use it? I mean, I can use cheaper bags for work where I can throw them around & not have to worry too much. I hope I don't sound like a weirdo...LOL. :lol:
  2. i have so many bags that I have not used.. among all my so-called designer bags, I have only used 4 of them so far (have 17 now).... I am still waiting for the right time to use them... about the non-designer bags, I have around 25 that I have not used.. so go figure.. I am just wasteful sometimes.. hehe
  3. I use them ;)
    I just use some more than others LOL :P
  4. The only one I've bought and haven't used yet is my Chanel reissue. I've been waiting for the right time.
  5. I am so guilty of this lately!!! I have bought too many bags and I'm not having enough free time to take them each into circulation.... I feel like it's my dirty little secret where I pull them out of the box and stare longingly!
  6. HappyAngel, you're not a "weirdo" - I do that all the time with my bags, but will try my best to use them more often. I only have one purse I've never used EVER
  7. :yes: I use them. Atleast once anyway:rolleyes:
  8. Nope. Sometimes I was fearful that I wasted money on frivolous things, so my new motto became, "it's only a waste if you don't use it." I don't have any high end bags, pretty much a Coach girl, but I think it's as much a waste to spend $200 - $400 on a bag that you don't use, as it is to spend $900 - $1500 on a bag you don't use.

    As a result, I use every single bag that I have, I just treat them well while I use them. I don't put them on the floor in restaurants or at the movie theatre (ick!!) and at work, next to my desk I have the lid of a Coach box lying on the floor, the bottom of my handbag fits into it, so really, my bags never touch the floor. I moisturize my leather bags after every use, or at least once a month or so for the ones I don't use that often. Brush the suede ones before putting away.

    Use your bags!!! : )

    I wish you well,

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  9. i use some more.. sometimes i forget i have others. i've sold and gotten rid of other ones too. so my collection is getting smaller but BETTER.
  10. As a rule, whenever I get a new purse I always use them at least once.
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  11. guilty

    i tend to buy bags on sale tables in high end department justifying buying a bag i was in love with when it came out

    ie like summer 2003 Coach had a Dark Purple mini sig collection
    I think I got the bag like $40 less a few months later
    and i killed the bag after having it in a bag for a year
  12. I don't use most of my bags. I use only 5 out of like 50 so far. They're all in dustbags for storage. I have this bad collector gene in me.
  13. The following I have not used due to fear of damage:
    Fendi pink suede bag,
    red Kelly bag
    Christian Dior white deerskin bag
    The following I have yet to use:
    Some of my Fendi baguettes
    My LV cherry blossom papillon,
    my Jimmy Choo black suede bag
    pink Fendi vanity
    new pink Chanel bag
    Sometimes I think I am just as much of a collector as a user.
  14. I enjoy the thrill of buying more than the use so I'm pretty guilty of not using them!
  15. lol I'm guilty as well :shame:

    All the bags that I've bought these past 3 months I have yet to use, BUT I have an excuse (lol) I didnt want to use them while I was still at school because. . .I dont know, something about college campuses just make me paranoid and baby my bags, lol.

    But now that I'm home I plan to use them! Cant wait!
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