do u always match shoes to purse?

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  1. whats the rule? Or is that only a night time rule. Like clutch and heels
  2. i don't think it's a rule at all, it's more of a trend... like high waisted pants or something. Unless of course it's black shoes + black bag. I don't like my bag to match my shoes, I think it's more modern looking if you don't. but that's just my opinion :smile:
  3. I usually do, but I don't think there's any sort of rule about it... IMO as long as the shoes and bag go with the rest of the outfit, you're fine :yes:
  4. I definitely dont match my shoes to my bag, unless Im going out. Like the other night I wore gold shoes with a gold wristlet.
    I dont think it looks bad, and if I had a bag to match every single pair of shoes I have, I probably would match, but I dont think there is a rule at all.
  5. I never match my shoes to my bag...
  6. My shoes and bag never match. Unless my shoes have metal embellishment, then I try to match it to a bag with the same color hardware.
  7. I think it was a rule "way back when". I match my shoes, bags, jewelry and clothes. For example today I wore Cambio jeans, black cashmere sweater, and dark grey suede pumps. I wore my e-ring, wedding band, black pearl and diamond right-hand ring, black pearl and diamond pendant and diamond studs.

    Then I carried my black MJ Stam. The over all "look" worked, but my shoes and handbag didn't match per se.
  8. Because I'm older, I think that that was the hardest habit to break for me. I now go out of my way to make them not match but be complimentary to the entire outfit.
    As a rule I tend to have shoes match the outfit more often than not, and have the bag be the pop of color that's unexpected and unusual.
  9. sometimes. I won't carry a brown purse and wear black shoes. or carry a purse with gold accents and wear silver shoes.

    but i will carry a pink purse and lets say, gold shoes :smile: I dont always try and match.
  10. whether it's an evening event or the office i definitely do not match my shoes and handbags all the time. and when i don't match (imo) my shoes and handbag will not only compliment my outfit but also each other. i hope that made sense! lol
  11. exactly what i would do you just said it better!:tup:
  12. almost never... :nogood:
  13. I've never thought of that and if I started to it would just be more to stress about lol

    I only match my shoes with my clothes
  14. I like the look on occation, so sometimes I try to match them on purpose (and if I've bought like... a fantastic bag in a certain colour, I try to look for shoes in the same colour in stores, sometimes I manage to find something, sometimes I don't). But most of the time... I don't even think about it. I focus on the outfit as a whole, not on those specific accessories.
  15. I'm the same way!