Do tokidoki tees run on the small side?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a Tokidoki tee while they still have some in XL. I'm somewhat unsure though since it may just fit me if I get a womens tee. Thought about buying a mens one instead. I'm size 10 in womens and a size 11/13 in juniors. Does anyone have any ideas or fit that size?
  2. I'm a 12 (but a 38DD) and while I can put the XL on I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it. My shoulders are really broad and I don;t like the way the sleeves fit. I have the short sleeve flower hoodie and dress though and they are great. So... you'd probably be fine but I dunno.
  3. I think you'd probably be good in an XL. I'm about the same size, and I think a large would be fine on me, or XL if I want some more room.
  4. I have an XL Tokidoki tee and my advice for you is not to put it in the dryer because it will shrink! My shirt just fits now and I let it air dry because if it gets any smaller, I will have to give it to my sister.
  5. i made the mistake of putting my sandy shirt in the dryer- they do run small, they are more like junior sizing.

    I had a sandy shirt in small, but I just ordered my moofia and latte in medium. I just like a little more room.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'm thinking about holding off on a shirt and just stick with accessories to be on the safe side. Maybe I'll get a piece of jewelry instead.
  7. the short sleeve hoodie is really nice :shrugs:
  8. Yes, it is cute. Just not certain I want to pay that much for it. At least the tees are cheaper.
  9. robotkitten - have you tried on any of the hoodies? i want to get one (the gray one) and i'm around the same size as you (11/12, 38A) but i'm not sure if i should get a L or XL..
  10. I am a size 9/10, 36D and I have the gray short sleeve hoodie in L and it fits perfect. I get all the t's in XL but that's b/c the L doesn't fit across my chest. Hope this helps.
  11. I was afraid the tees would be sized strangely, but I recently got one in my normal size and it fit just fine.
  12. The short sleeve one?I haven't tried on any of the long sleeve zip ups because I'm not the hugest fan of all over print all over me! I have to get an XL because of my girlie globes ;) I'm DD so if you're an "A" you'd probably be fine in a large. I just get sort of self concious when things are tight on my chest.
  13. I personally think they run small, and I am not a big person... I usu wear small and I like the medium tshirts... but that one went thru the dryer and it shrank, so now it a *tiny* bit tight. so my second shirt I got a large, and I like it a lot, it's roomy. but that's how I like my tshirts!
  14. robotkitten - yea im not a big fan of the tan color all-over print but i'm in love with the gray one!

    thanks everyone.. i think i might stick with an XL just in case! :biggrin:
  15. so...would a small fit a person who is normally an XS?