Do thses shoes run small ??

  1. [​IMG]

    and can anyone tell me their retail value??

  2. oooh..Hard to say...I am ALL over the place in LV shoes.....they all run different for me.
    PS- LOVE THOSE!!!!
  3. Saw them the other day, they are so cute!! :love:
    I think they were around 400 euros but I'm not sure...

    Edit: just check ballerinas are 360 euros but they don't have the model you posted
  4. Kimmy!!! You just can't get enough of the LV shoes lately!!! YOU GO, GIRL!!!

  5. LoL I know its my new addiction - LV shoes to match my bags LOL :love: They are a 38.5 and I am a 39 :shame:
  6. OOH! They are my size!! LOL! If you ever get sick of them......LOL!
  7. LOL Jill I will def keep you in mind if they do not fit.