Do threads disappear?

  1. I was posting in a thread yesterday about the colours on a MC speedy today I went to look for it and can't find it I tried searching by posts I have made and can't find any of the posts I made in it on my list.

    So do threads just disappear or has it been taken off deliberately? If it has been removed can I ask why (just to avoid any furture mistakes) usually threads that get out of hand get closed but this one was a normal thread but it's completely vanished? TIA :confused1:
  2. No, not usually. . .
    but that could've been the one that we were worried could assist counterfeiters. So if there's a valid reason, we may remove the thread sometimes.
    We RARELY delete a thread.
  3. oh thanks Swanky, actually that is a very logical reason it take it down useful for tpfer's but even more so for the horrible fakey fakers!