Do they use different kind of boxes for LV handbags?

  1. The reason I asked is that I always got the boxes that have "a lid" and "a box body" this type of LV boxes for handbags and wallets stuff. But for the recent one I bought - Manhattan GM, it didn't come with a LV box but an eLuxury box. So I called them and asked them for a LV box. Then they sent me a LV box which is not like the boxes I usually get, it's thiner, doesn't have a lid. It's a one-piece LV paper box. Is this normal? should I go back ask for another box?
    I thought maybe because GM is a little big to fit in. hm.... :confused1:
  2. This is the normal box for larger bags!
  3. it's for bigger pieces. ask for a hard box.
  4. wow... that's quick !! thanx so much for the comments :yahoo:
  5. :welcome: We aim to please.
  6. i don't know what you consider the BH to come in, but I got a nice box from ELUX - post photos of what you are talking about....i am curious, although since I bought my BH it hasn't stepped one foot back into the box - so what is the point of holding on to the box?
  7. The floor above: u r right ~~ i guess it's just the feeling :nuts:

    I will take a picture to show everyone. =) Right now I only have the pictures when it arrived with the eluxury box.


  8. i got the same elux box with my mini lin speedy....should i call and ask for an LV box?
  9. yes, they will send you a LV box right away. Mine arrived next day after called them.
  10. wow, I see what you are talking about now...glad you called and requested the LV box!!!!

  11. BTW...congrats, :love: :love: :love: :love: the LV purchase!!! ;)
  12. ohhhhhhh manhattan gm!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

    can you tell me where it was made??? curious which ones elux carries..
  13. My BH came in that same kind of one-piece box. I don't like it as much as the other boxes.
  14. It's made in USA. The wallet I got the same time is Zipped Wallet with ID Paper Holder, but the wallet is made in France.

    Actually first I bought manhattan PM, but when I received it, it looks just too small for me. So I exchanged it to GM. And the PM is made in USA as well.
  15. my Azur speedy 30 was MIF, came w/lid and box body from Elux, but i guess it's b/c it can fit in by being folded? However the 'collapsible' one piece box is actually prefer by some TPFer as it don't take much closet space compare w/traditional hard box :smile: