Do they still sell this in stores?

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    Any idea where I can purchase this?
  2. What is that? A duffle bag or a boston bag? I think if you can get the item name or item code then it is easier to find whether it is still available in stores or not.:smile:
  3. It's a Joy Boston in Black and Ebony with patent-leather ebony trim (looks large from the pic). They were in-store around 2009

    I don't know if these are still around, try to find out the code for it and check out the outlets
  4. ok Thank you. it is a Boston Joy bag in black and ebony. I will look for the code thank you. Still waiting from response from outlet
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    OMG, how come I never see Joy Boston in these awesome colors! It's gorgeous, love it and want it :sad: would you mind share the code when you have it OP....
  6. Hi. Can somebody please help me (:

    where can i find this gucci cystal joy medium tote in gunmetal color?

    Anybody with this bag who wants to dispose hers please send me a message (:
  7. I have this one. I thought I bought mine more recently like in the last year or 2 but I actually got it during the Gucci private sale online in 2009. I think it sold out online at that time but maybe it'll still show up in the outlets? I hope you find one - it's one of my favorites. I just pulled it out again a few days ago to use and it really is a great bag.