do they still sell this chanel lux bowler?

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  1. I was looking at pictures, tryng to figure out something i would like other than the medallion and i saw this black luxuruy bowler. I thought it looks sooo nice. But do they still sell these in chanel stores, or anywhere other than ebay??? if so how much does it retail for??? thanks and sorry for my many questions, bare with me:P

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  2. The matte black is completely sold out. If you like black patent, they are available in stores now. I can't remember the price though. Somewhere around $2260? Good luck!
  3. There were three luxe bowlers at Ala Moana about a week ago. One was black patent, another was matte black, and one was matte red. I have on idea whether they've all been sold by now, but an SA told me some were from previous seasons.
  4. Hi! :smile: The one Rachel is carrying looks like the metallic black bowler (either goatskin or deerskin). :smile: I have it in the goatskin, and it's a fab bag... unfortunately, it isn't available in stores anymore. :sad:

    I've seen some on ebay (usually over retail... the retail price was $2160), but be careful, because there have been some gross fakes too :throwup: (have it authenticated in the Authenticate This thread to be safe)! :tup: Otherwise, the matte black bowler is a gorgeous option... if Ala Moana still has it, go for it! :nuts:
  5. OMG! Really! Jump on this one ladies!
  6. I saw black patent luxe bowler in store now.
  7. That is a past season luxe bowler in metallic black.....i think you can still find a patent one which is a new season!
  8. a couple of the girls are right on, it's a metallic black bowler and those have been sold out for more than a year.
    Some mattes are left over and the patent from this current season are still available in a small amount.

  9. Think that price was at least 2 -3 price increases ago. I paid $2460 last yr. It's crazy:cursing:
  10. Hm, any updates ladies? Did anyone find another one in stores?
  11. Contact Lyndsey of NM, Temba at I just order 1 black patent bowler from her today (she had it transferred from other NM store). She may be able to find another one for you. I think it's US$ 2,395 or something before tax and shipping. Good luck!
  12. Hi Meena,

    How much did you have the pay for your tax and shipping? I am residing in Singapore. Wonder about tax and shipping.

    Thanks :smile:
  13. No way u can find one whether it's matte black or metallic black as it's sold out, the only way is to try out on ebay (i've seen one recently jus sold on ebay for a used one at $2800+)

    GL in ur search, i bet the price for this will go up as i know a couple of them are lookin for it but it's rare to see them pop up even on ebay.