Do they still make the MC Bandeau??

  1. I tried to find it on eluxury but i didnt see it....but i didnt think it was a limited edition piece or anything.
  2. I think they still make it but I some stores don't have many or any left. On elux, they kind of come and go. If you REALLY want it, try 1866..
  3. its still on the LV site.
    i was upset i didnt get the mirror holder before it was DCd. im gonna try to trck one down when im in florida next month.
  4. I think they still do make the MC Bandeaus because at both of my local LV Stores they have both White & Black MC Bandeaus.

    I have noticed too that eLUXURY hasn't had them posted up in awhile but I don't think that means they are no longer in production.

    Call the 866 number and they will locate one for you. :smile:
  5. I just bought a black MC bandeau, they are out there, it was my stores last one.
  6. I was one at my local store a few weeks back.