Do they still make the address (bow) bracelet?

  1. Is the address bracelet discontinued? I thought it was but someone told me they called LV and the lady on the phone said they are still making them - :confused1:

    Thanks =)

    (this is the one I mean - with the bow - also comes in MC)

  2. id like to know that too!! and the price please :smile:
  3. The person I talked to said she heard it was $275. But maybe the girl at LV had the wrong bracelet in mind - lke maybe she was thinking Koala - which they still make.
  4. i have not seen this in store the last few times I went. eBay has a few.
  5. Some of them on eBay are from MPRS and they say that they are discontinued - but apparently 1-800-LV says they aren't.
    I'm gonna call righ now myself.
  6. OK - so, I just called and they said that they are still "readily available" - wtf?? I am soo confused. Don't MPRS's have to know what is discontinued and not - they have to buy ref books and everything.
    If anyone here has more info that would be great because to be quite honest TPF often knows more about LV than LV!!!
  7. I have not seen these in ANY store I've been Calgary store, or any of the Hong Kong stores :confused1: I thought it came out around the time when the CB collection was released, hence there's a pink one as well.
  8. Ya _ I tried to search threads on here to see if it was discontinued - they show the CB bracelet but not the MC or mono so...???
    Also I searched the LV website and it;s not on there - the Koala is but not the address. If they were still making it wouldn't it be there - somewhere?