Do they still make new pyramids?


caught BV fever
Jun 1, 2011
Who knew the bag style that I initially didn't like would turn out to be one of my most favorite BV styles!! But do they still make new pyramids in seasonal colors?


Dec 19, 2008
chungwan - I haven't spotted a new pyramid for the Cruise line but I have seen Sloanes in Shock, Turquoise and Sunset. It's a shame really, because while the Sloane drapes oh so beautifully, I just love the new pyramid because it is much more comfortable on my shoulder for my build. Maybe it's best to inquire from your SA or the BV online personal shopper.

Apart from having 7 BV boutiques, HK has a lot of these other standalone stores that sell BV and other new, branded bags. Sometimes I see old styles interpreted in current seasonal colors show up on those shelves. Example, Sloane in Fire, Peridot and Turquoise, Shock Campana, Sunset Montaigne, etc... While some of the classics are the same as the BV boutiques, I find that they stock a fairly different range. Maybe the same is the case for the department stores in the US.