Do they still make Gloria Soli scarves?

  1. I know I've said before that I don't use scarves much because I don't know what to do with them. However, there is one scarf that I really regretted letting go and that's the Gloria Soli scarf. I love the design and I love the way the colors are disbursed on that design. However, I noticed that I hadn't seen much of that style lately. Does anyone know whether Hermes is still making Gloria Soli scarves?
  2. Kou, totally off topic, but I saw this one and thought it would look great on you:
    Picture 1.jpg
  3. OMG! I've seen that in a different colorway, didn't know it comes in that shade! It's so cute. Do you know how many colors is in that scarf?
  4. The H site has it in 8 colorways!!
  5. *scurries off to look*

    Ooooh ... ok, I'm going to have to try the pink one in person to see how it looks. I saw it in other colorways before and thought it was too busy, but the pink looks really good :yes:
  6. I have seen the Gloria Soli on the Hermes website recently, if memory serves me well (but I am not 100% sure) they re-issued it for the A/W06 collection.

    You do find them a lot on eBay however, the other name for this scarf is 'Carpe Diem'.
  7. yep - hello is right, they have re-issued it.
  8. hello: I'll go check eBay ... but is Gloria Soli/Carpe Diem one of the ones that get faked a lot?

    GF: Do they have any more left at your store? I'm asking my SA to find one for me but I think they've been having issues with the computer system lately ...

    Rose: OMG! That one is gorgeous!! The one I used to have has the red/beige/gold/orange colorway. The one in the picture is even prettier :love: