Do they still make barenia?

  1. Would this be a good choice for an evelyne? I know everyone says clemence, but I adore the look of barenia. I'm going to go this weekend to see some evelynes in person, but they are all epsom :sad:
  2. Yes they still make Barenia..although sparingly still.

    Cobalt Blu just got a lovely Indigo Barenia Evelyne. It is still a rare leather at this point though.
  3. 24 had a natural barenia Evelyn up for sale a short while was beautiful!
  4. My SA said there was one more floating out there in H land somewhere. Maybe before you buy, have your SA check on bringing it into your store? Clemence is really easy to get in an Evelyne, but if you think you might like barenia, I would say try to get one in to look at if you can.

    Mine is indigo, it is in the evelyne reference thread. I just LOVE it, the leather is unreal...
  5. I just checked with my Alaska SA and yes they still do Barenia.
  6. CB: I was not familiar with barenia until I saw your thread about your Evelyne. That bag is totally TDF!!

    Amy: Here is the thread with the picture of that incredible bag. Scroll down a few to see it.
  7. Thanks, KG..I saw the other thread, but not this one. I'm thinking black, but black is soooo boring!! I think black would be good in clemence, though. I NEED black & have so many browns already. Then again, I adore potiron. Hmmm??? Decisions, decisions...
  8. amytude, if you decide on barenia your color choices are going to be limited -- natural, ebene, black, indigo are the only ones that come to mind for bags in this leather. plus, it's so rare right now that i think it's a take-what-you-find sort of thing.
  9. Amy, the original Evelyne that I chose was potiron clemence. When it arrived, I was surprised to see that the strap was bright orange.

    I can understand that because the strap is canvas and the bag is leather that they may not match exactly. But when I put the bag on messenger style, all that showed up was the very bright strap. It overhwelmed the more subtle potiron.

    The bag itself was absolutely lovely in potiron, though. I ended up exchanging it for chocolate, which I am soooo in love with!
  10. Wow--forgot abt that dang strap issue! I cannot handle a bright orange strap. Do you have a pic, KG, of you wearing it? I know you said you are short like me. Anyone else who's short (like 5'3" or shorter) have an evelyne pm with a pic?
  11. I think they're either "giving it a rest" or that it's out of production at the moment. You might have to wait a few years for it to come back unless you can find one already made. I think they get snapped up pretty quickly. Best of luck though! I hope you find what you want.
  12. No, they still make bags in barenia. But only very few at the moment because the best skins are currently in short supply.
  13. Glad to hear that, Gina B. I adore Barenia!