Do they still do Bordeaux?

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  1. Sorry I'm still new to BBags. I have seen a couple of photos of you with your Bordeaux BBags and I really love them (specifically the First) do Balenciaga still do the Bordeaux?:confused1:
  2. Bordeaux is from 05... so your best bet is probably going to be eBay or a consignment site! :smile:
  3. Bordeaux is also really similar to Grenat, which is an 06 color that may be easier to find.

    Bordeaux tends to be more wine-colored than Grenat though. Hope that helps!
  4. :yes: I've seen a couple on ebay very recently. You can also try sites like AlohaRag or AnnsFabulousFinds.
  5. Here's a thread comparing Grenat & Bordeaux, with some really good pics! :biggrin:

    I'm also intrigued with these two colors, and for the life of me - can't decide which one to get!! I keep letting bags slip away, because when one color is available I think "Oh, I should get the other one", etc... At this point, I need to just get one! :P
  6. Personally, I feel like Grenat looks a lot better in photos than IRL. I've never seen Bordeaux IRL though :smile:
  7. I think they look very similar so if you really like the color it might be easier to come by the grenat since it was released last year.
  8. Thanks a lot for your help. I think they look really similar too - I wouldn't mind what colour I get. I'll start looking now.
  9. erica1451 thanks very much. I'll take a look.
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