do they still carry totes at marc jacobs stores?

  1. Hi! I wanted to buy an inexpensive tote for college and then I stumbled upon the jacobs by marc jacobs tote. Its like the perfect bag! I live in New York City and I know theres three MJ stores in the city. I saw online that the totes are part of the special collection and in stores only. I have never been to the stores before so I'm not sure what they carry (and what they don't).

    Mainly I'm looking for the Jacobs by Marc Jacobs tote (navy.. or any color they have left) and a white marc jacobs for panam explorer bag. TIA!
  2. I talked to a SA yesterday at the Bleecker St. store and she said that they had the Jacobs by Marc Jacobs tote in navy.
  3. i was at the bleecker street store today. they did have the navy jacobs totes along with various other canvas bags. the white pan am explorer bags were behind the counter. there were a lot of people there snatching things up, so the sooner you go, the more likely you'll be able to find what you're looking for.
  4. These are so cute! I have to drag my lazy butt over to the Los Angeles MbMJ store sometime and see if they have them...
  5. I always see these all over eBay... how much do they go for in the mbmj stores?
  6. i was in the mbmj store on newbury st in boston and they had TONS of totes! i got the navy one that says jacobs by marc jacob......blah blah
  7. iirc, they're either $12 or $15.
  8. Is it just me, or are these new color jacobs totes rather small compared to say the average canvas totes that one would use for carrying books and such? Either that, or I've just gotten so used to all these big bags nowadays that my sense of proportion has gone astray :amazed:

    I was at the NY store a few days ago and ended up getting the jute tote instead of the jacobs tote after seeing the actual size in person.
  9. The jacobs tote isn't huge, but it's good for running small errands. I always try to bring mine with me when i run to the grocery store.

    I saw a ton at the LA store last weekend.
  10. Do the stores charge send? I don't have a store in Chicago. Yet....
  11. ^ yes, they do, but there's a $20 flat shipping fee. if you plan on buying a bunch of the special items then it's worth it. in nyc, there's a store devoted just to the special items now. there were a bunch of t-shirts for $20, keychains, the quilted wallets, coin purses, lipstick pens, bracelets, necklaces, etc. basically everything you see at the marc jacobs website.
  12. Does anyone know if these are still available? They are on the website. Do they send international?
  13. I think they do ship internationally but the rate is $60 regardless of cost/quantity of items. You probably just have to call a couple of stores until you find one which has them in stock. :smile:
  14. They are really cute.