do they sell factory bags in boutiques?

  1. i bought a large signature stripe tote a couple months ago and i just noticed that the creed began with F, as do the ones made in outlets.
    however, i purchased mine in a boutique!
    is this the same for all of the large sig stripe totes or just mine? is this normal?
  2. I think some of the regular bags have f in the creed like some legacy stuff with that different patch with the cursive metalic writing
  3. Was the "F" in the first set of numbers/letters or the second? If the style number is preceded by an "F" then that indicates factory...

    G073-F10911 <--- factory
    F076-10619 <--- full price

  4. no, the creed says F0767-11099
  5. that's interesting. i never knew that! i only have one coach purse. so i had to check my creed out!
  6. Then it's a full price bag, not factory :tup:
  7. haha whew!
    i know factory bags are just as amazing but just checking, since i actually did buy it at a boutique.
  8. Yeah nothing against factory bags, but I'd totally freak if I got one from a boutique too lol
  9. This is really good info!

    Also, it totally makes my day when I get a boutique bag from the outlet without the outlet stamp :smile: