Do they sell Chanel at Off Fifth?

  1. Just wondering...if so, I'd like to check it out!
  2. i have never seen one at the off fifth here in otown...i did see some at last call...the shearing flap...price was i believe 950
  3. Yes, but it is hit or miss.
  4. Not at mine. It's funny; they used to sell some gorgeous REAL jewelry and gems and top name bags. Now, it's all costume junk and bags you can buy just about anywhere. No clue what happened. Clothing and shoes didn't change in quality. Considering that Neimans Last Call is just across the aisle, and they DO sell top names, you would think that Saks Off Fifth would want to be able to compete.
  5. yes its definitely hit or miss...
  6. never at the one in Grapevine, TX :sad:
    Prada is about as good as it gets.
  7. I seen it at NM last call in milpitas, not as off fifth though
  8. Well, if they ever do, check it thoroughly, I've read a lot of girls over at the Fendi forum bought Fendi's there that turned out to be fake!! It seems that it's not stock left overs from Saks, but they buy and sell for themselves...
  9. I saw a Chanel small purse at Ellenton, FL about 2 months ago. That was the first and last time I ever saw one there. Definitely hit or miss and it's usually miss for me.
  10. wow, I'm jealous! I called the one near me in Katy, TX and they replied that they "never" get Chanel in.
  11. It's a hit/miss with Off 5th. But, that's where I found my belt bag. :yahoo:
  12. I've bought a cambon phone holder and a few belts from Off Fifth... It's definitely getting harder to come across though...
  13. I've never seen them at Off Fifth but I just got a steal on a Shearling bag at Last Call last weekend.. $470+tax!!
  14. :nuts:wowzers they dropped in price...explains why when i went back they were ghost:lol:
  15. Actually they didn't... the one I picked up was a bit shelf worn, but nothing I knew I couldn't freshen up. So when I checked out I politely asked if they could discount it at all.. I didn't think they would but she came back & said they'd mark it down an extra 35% off, then I got an extra 15% for using my new NM account!!!:yahoo: