Do they repair my Bastille ???

  1. Hello!

    I let my Bastille at the Champs Elysées store on May the second and they should have repaired it (to change the flap) one month later, for June the second. And I am still waiting for it !!! I begin to be anxious and nervous. Do you think I should ask for a commercial allowance, or a VIP gift when it will be available ??? Thanks for your advices
  2. No, I do not think you should ask for a VIC gift. Repairing things usually takes a while since they often have other things to make/repair.

    Have you perhaps tried calling and asking about the status of your bag?

    I know the wait is long... but it'll be worth it when you get it back! ;)

  3. Just curious what you meant by a "commercial allowance". Is that a discount in France?

    I think John is right.... just contact your store to inquire when the repaired item will be returned. Some repairs take a month or two and some take even longer....
  4. ITA- I'd definitely call and check on the progress. I absolutely WOULD NOT ask for a VIC gift- it'd be rather gauche.
  5. Yes I mean a discount because my bag should have been returned to me 3 weeks ago and I am still waiting for it! I would like something because of the prejudice it creates because of the delay ! Sorry for my English mistakes ... LOL and thanksfor your advices. bye bye