Do they really do this in NY??

  1. One of my co-workers jusy came back from New York and she was all excited that she had gotten 3 bags for $100, a Coach, a Gucci and a Prada and she knew they were fake.:tdown: Getting to my question, she said the ladies who sold her the bags took her to this secret back room down alleys and stairs and pushed a button on the wall and it opened up to all of these fake bags hanging everywhere! I have heard things like this before and I can't believe it!
  2. yup they do this everywhere in chinatown
  3. Well,she'd better not try to fly to the netherlands carrying them. they'll be confiscated at the airport and she'll be arrested and fined.
  4. .....or in Pennsylvania...
  5. ^i really don't understand why it's so hard to just close down these businesses. most of them don't even hide the fact that they're selling fakes.
  6. I agree. I have seen people walk around and open trashbags full of fakes in the middle of NYC. It's unfortunate.
  7. They went semi high tech these days.
    THey stand on street corners show you a booklet of pictures with a wireless headset and make phone calls to arrange for the showing.

    I think the try to solicit mainly tourists. They never approached me when i pass by.

    I'm not positive how they work it. But i have seen them standing on street corners with booklet in hand.
  8. Crazy
  9. ive seen it before out of curiousity... and it's true and it's nasty!!!

    But i was roaming the other week while on jury service, i did run into a superfake place that wasn't hidden... and i couldn't even tell that their chloes are fake. And me having about 9 chloes.. it really scared me to know that they can make it soooo real. I was sooo freaked out, i actually called another PFer.. LOL
  10. They do the same thing in Boston in China town...they have someone stand outside the store-show you a book of items and then go back in the stockroom and pull them out...I can't believe they don't get busted!
  11. I hate fakes! Why don't people just stop buying them, the point of having designer items is to lust after them and hopefully one day save up enough to have one, it makes the whole procedure of getting them so much more rewarding. Plus people are so proud of there fakes, sick!
  12. every large city has this:yes:

  13. Yes, they do!!! It's insane they follow strangers down alleys and into buildings. How dangerous is that?? :wtf: I have friends who have done this who could have easily been mugged or worse, for what, a $15 handbag.?? When you are in NYC you can see all of the people with their fake bags walking around with big black trash bags.
    People should save up and buy the real thing. I don't understand how anyone could be satisfied with a fake.
  14. Ten bucks this thread goes into a "fakes are horrible! People who buy fakes are supporting terrorism! I know that my bags all have wonderful happy workers [despite the fact that they are made in a country known for horrible working conditions]!" discussion. It's the only thing about thsi wonderful site that turns me off.

    Re: NYC I've seen this. It's almost comical to see women who look like they just hopped off the set of Desperate Housewives trying to look inconspicuous while they follow a man with a headset into a back alley.

    I've never heard of anyone getting mugged. They'd make more selling fake bags then mugging people.

    Perhaps "people should save up" and get the realthing. My mother has worked her whole life and prefers to gives her little bit of extra money to the SPCA. She wanted to feel glamorous after her mastectomy and bought a fake Gucci. She's a simple woman. She lives simply and doesn't use more electricity / gas, etc than she needs. Applebees is a splurge. She lost her breast and loves dogs more than she loves saving up to give Gucci $1000.

    So, she's a single mom who saves dogs and sometimes wears a fake Gucci. I wear a Forever 21 shirt I just found out is a knockoff of someone else's design and a $2000 designer handbag made in a country with dubious labor laws. And I eat chocolate, which is probably made from slave labor.

    I can't say I'm the better person for it.

  15. well different people has different opinion right? ;).
    But, I just know this can happen in the US haha