Do they make this in my size?

  1. [​IMG]

    I sort of like it! :p Maybe in black or a dark red?
  2. Are you male or female? I am a female with a medium sized neck and the large fits me like a choker.
  3. you wear one HG?
  4. ^^Uhm, I kinda got talked out of it. And then when I went to the store to take another look, someone had bought it for herself!
  5. ^^
    That's funny. I think I'll have to try one on, maybe after a cocktail with a know for courage...hehe.
  6. ^^^You know what? Try it on and if you like it, get it. It's very edgy. More East Village than Upper East Side, if you catch my drift. Still, one of these days I may get one. What REALLY held me back is that I actually have a few Hermes necklaces and I was concerned that I would not use this one as much.
  7. ^^^
    I totally get your meaning. I don't have any H-necklaces yet, so this would be a fun casual piece. I'll definitely try it on when the opportunity presents itself.
  8. Oh HG, honestly.....
  9. ^^^Hey, I was working it in the store. Of course, you-know-who was encouraging me.
  10. I would get one for myself :yes: Much that I love the design on the bracelet and the watch anything delicate on my wrist would be scuffed up and scratched up. Wearing this as a Choker is just excellent - edgy! :heart:
  11. Oohh, a bit too edgy for me I am afraid.
  12. You know my opinion.... :nuts: