Do they make the zucca/nappa in 2 colors?!

  1. [​IMG]Is the leather here the same color as the one in the pic below? It seems they make it in 2 diff shades of brown or just one? I thought it was one:confused1: Or it's a weird pic cuz that's not what I remember at the store. Thanks!
  2. oops I forgot the other pic..I couldn't find my stock pic so I borrowed someone else's ..forgot who's sorry:smile:
  3. Yes it is the same bag. That's baglady by the way. Love her pedicure! Jomashop's photos do not accurately represent the colours, but that is definitely the same bag.
  4. agree with kav---I think it's the difference between natural light and flash photography. their cognac spy on the jomashop site doesn't look very cognac-y, either, and yet it is.
  5. Just agreeing here... I bought the zucca nappa from jomashop a few weeks ago (just before the price dropped :cursing:) and it is indeed the same bag as baglady's. It's a great bag! It looks much better in real life than it does on the jomashop website.
  6. oh thank you! If I'd only seen the joma picture I wouldn't have liked it, thank goodness I've seen it in real life!